“Don’t Take My Home”

December 25, 2009

Many thanks to my friend Mary Ann Kennedy for allowing me to use her powerfully moving music (www.MaryAnnKennedy.com). Please feel free to share…

From a fellow advocate: “Please send a note to the President through this easy link (posted below) and ask that the Calico (Nevada) wild horse roundup be stopped. This huge last stronghold of nearly 3,000 of America’s wild horses will be taken from us in the worst possible conditions starting Monday…..(Dec 28). It takes just a minute. This national icon and symbol of freedom needs a miracle…we have Saturday and Sunday. PLEASE pass it on.”


16 Responses to ““Don’t Take My Home””

  1. Gabriele Moritz Says:

    Thank you Pam and a Merry Christmas to you and your family.
    Gabriele Moritz

  2. TJ Says:

    Beautifully done, Pam. The music/lyrics are incredible.

  3. Leslie Says:

    Wow. That was powerful.

  4. Pam, Thank you for this gift. I was up late and found this and it is beautiful. Your photos show me what I love and fight for. The music; the song that Mary Ann sings is so perfect. More tears and more hope, too. Mar

  5. Billie Says:

    Wonderful tribute and beautifully done Pam.

  6. Kate Bremer Says:

    Thank you and have a blessed Christmas. May empathy and compassion expand on the planet.

  7. Shaila Says:

    Beautifully done, Merry Christmas. I pray for these horses and for all the people directly involved. Thanks so much for all you do.

  8. Helen Cary Says:

    Your photography and MAK’s beautiful song, gave me chill bumps. Well done, a lovely gift to all

  9. Lynn Bauer Says:

    Wow, Pam!! Thanks! I’m going to send the link to EVERYONE I know!
    Merry Christmas and All Our Prayers!!
    Lynn and Kathy

  10. Nancy Roberts Says:

    I have watched this many times and cry everytime! It is truely a piece of art. Every photo is extraordinary and the music is a perfect fit! It fuels the fire within me to help this horses! Good work!

  11. pnickoles Says:

    Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments. It’s my hope that the message conveyed through the photos and Mary Ann’s music will contribute somehow to the efforts to save our remaining wild horses – keep hopes alive and like some of your said, show everyone what we’re losing if things don’t change. I’m so grateful that the video has been received as a “gift” – that’s exactly what our wild horses are…

  12. MARY JANE Says:

    so sad………..

  13. 25naynay25 Says:

    I watched this once and i was balling they shouldn’t take some thing that so dear and calm and harmless. They should let the horses run wild and free because they are apart of the wild wild west where there was a foot print there was a hoof print right beside it. This part of history that the president is trying hard to delete shouldnt be. Theres so many animals that cant be tamed are they just going to wipe them off the face of the earth too. The elk and the deer were here when the cowboys and the Natives were here. They forced the explorers and settlers made the Natives colide and they made them move farther and farther untill they could not move any more. thats what people are doing with the wild horses and wild animals for that matter. People complain how the horses are eating their cows grass. Well just to give them a news flash the horses were here long before their herds and they aren’t going any where because there are thousands no wait theres millions of people and all generations want to see horses not just tamed but the horses that run wild and free. When people look at the horses they think back to the wild west and ranchers who have cows you can put 2 herd animals together and they would be happy as long as they aren’t a lion and cow or something like that!!!!!!

  14. Susan Emory Says:

    Just had to share this again. Pam, this incredible song and your incredible pictures are SO moving, the way you put it all together, well … it touches a place very deep in the heart and soul … there it lives and I get to hear it in my head … SO beautiful. I am sure this was an Divinely inspired work. Thank you SO much ❤

  15. pnickoles Says:

    Thank you Susan – I would have to agree with you. There was something spiritual at work while I put this together. Just wish there was some way to move more hearts…

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