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December 10, 2011

Keep Their Light Shining” is an international candlelight vigil to be held on December 15, 2011 to honor Wild Horse Annie and observe the 40th anniversary of the Wild Free Roaming Horses and Burros Act. Candlelight vigils are scheduled in cities across the U.S., Canada and Europe.

For more information on where events are scheduled and how to participate if you cannot attend a vigil, please click on the links below:

Keep Their Light Shining

The Cloud Foundation

Grammy nominated hit songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee, Mary Ann Kennedy creates music that celebrates the horse and the animals we love. I have all of her CD’s and look forward to adding her new release, “This Love of Horses.” If you remember, it was Mary Ann’s powerfully moving song “My Home” that I used when I created my video, “Don’t Take My Home.”

If you click on the CD image above, you’ll be taken to Mary Ann’s website where you can listen to clips of her incredible music.

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Wild Horse Videos

March 11, 2010

Folks have suggested that I post all my videos that I’ve created (to date) in one entry. I thought it might be a good idea. Most of these are “clips” from my full length DVDs, but a couple are stand alone videos.

I created these videos (and my DVDs) in an effort to bring the beauty and wonder of the wild horses into people’s living rooms. People who might not otherwise know about the wild horses or have the opportunity to see them for themselves. The more people made aware of these incredible horses, the better. I hope you enjoy them. Feel free to share…

Many thanks to my friend Mary Ann Kennedy for allowing me to use her powerfully moving song, “My Home” available at

This is the opening clip from my second DVD, “Our Wild Horses II” featuring the incredible music from “The Man From Snowy River” movie soundtrack created by Australia’s famous composer, Bruce Rowland.

Another clip from my “Our Wild Horses II” DVD. Music composed by the very talented Jimmy Gelhaar.

Music again provided by Jimmy Gelhaar.

A video clip from my first DVD, “Our Wild Horses” featuring the song, “Hooves of the Horses” by Wylie and the Wild West.

My full length DVDs are available via my website with complete details and reviews:

“Don’t Take My Home”

December 25, 2009

Many thanks to my friend Mary Ann Kennedy for allowing me to use her powerfully moving music ( Please feel free to share…

From a fellow advocate: “Please send a note to the President through this easy link (posted below) and ask that the Calico (Nevada) wild horse roundup be stopped. This huge last stronghold of nearly 3,000 of America’s wild horses will be taken from us in the worst possible conditions starting Monday…..(Dec 28). It takes just a minute. This national icon and symbol of freedom needs a miracle…we have Saturday and Sunday. PLEASE pass it on.”

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