Tom and I spent the day at the Canon City, Colorado BLM facility yesterday photographing the Checkerboard horses from Wyoming (Salt Wells, Adobe Town and Great Divide Basin HMA’s). I will be posting images as quickly as I can to a gallery on my website ( entitled “Canon City BLM Checkerboard Horses” that can be shared anywhere including Facebook. Below are just a few pictures of some of the horses waiting for new homes (please share). Tags beginning with a 7 are from Salt Wells. Those beginning with a 9 are from Divide Basin. I will need to get clarification on Adobe Town horses, but I believe they will also have tags beginning with a 7. These horses are being networked so there is no guarantee that a horse pictured will still be available. The next adoption day event is November 21st (but you can call to adopt at anytime with an approved adoption application). Information about the event, how to find out more about individual horses or to download adoption forms can be found at these links:

Through the Canon City BLM office, the first 150 miles of shipping is FREE! There are group shipping options as well for folks that are interested in the horses, but live a distance away. Please contact the BLM office directly for specifics.

Lona Kossnar at (719) 269-8539, or email her at

DSC_4927-sThis little guy is affectionately known as “Bootleg.” He was an orphan but the BLM folks found a willing mare to “adopt” him. He’s a flashy one. Very young. Tag #7823 from Salt Wells.

DSC_4784-sFilly #9135. Pen 36C – Divide Basin.

DSC_4894-sTag 7758 – he was in the 4 years old and under stud pen 8B. Good looking boy!

DSC_4908-7763stud7772stud-4andunder-s#7763 and #7772 in the 4 and under stud pen 8B – Salt Wells.

DSC_4689-sGinger Kathrens (The Cloud Foundation) with a friendly mustang that needs a home.

DSC_4694-sFran, Brian, Carol Walker and Amanda W. Fran Ackley and Brian Hardin were our very helpful escorts through the pens.

DSC_5102-sFran Ackley with a lucky blue roan that has been adopted.

DSC_5105-sTom with some of the friendlier horses available.

DSC_5137-sGinger can’t resist these oh so adorable burros available for adoption.

DSC_5140-sOne of the BLM mascots snuggles up to Tom as we call it a day.

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