A new book I very much look forward to reading, by the author of, “Dances With Wolves” and several other novels.

"Twelve The King" book cover

From the website:

Less than one percent of humans who live in America have ever seen wild horses running free. I have spoken with many of the few who have and each has said the view they made will never be forgotten.

As remarkable as a distant sight of wild horses can be it remains the tip of a glorious iceberg. The actual lives of wild horses reveal to humanity the privilege having a life on the planet earth and how vital it is to respect the privilege.

Twelve the King is not a novel or a non-fiction study. It is a short memorial based on a wild horse stallion in whose presence I spent nearly fifteen years of my own life. He never had anything put on his back and was given all-access to the ranch he lived on after surviving a brutal capture in Nevada.

The book has been written to honor his existence and share with anyone the inspiration and knowledge he exhibited each day of his life. It is hoped that those who read about horse number 1202’s intimate state of being will feel something that will provoke action. Action that will oppose the link between politicians and corporations which has been playing a shell game for generations to kill and remove every wild horse in America.

-Michael Blake

Available June 15th from Perceval Press

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