El Mariachi is from White Mountain - this mare shares his coloring...

On our way home from vacation, we stopped by the Rock Springs, WY holding facility to view the Mustangs from the recent White Mountain/Little Colorado roundup. I didn’t have the opportunity to take photos from anywhere but the public viewing area so many of the horses can’t even be seen, but I’ve posted an album of some that are available. It’s my hope that folks will share this album which may result in a home for at least one of these beautiful horses.

The link to the Facebook album is: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.2092842237525.2103286.1139356307&l=32b7abf0ab&type=1

Thank you!

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Guess the last story put me in the mood for a foal image. This little guy is from the White Mountain HMA near Rock Springs, Wyoming.

(Click on the image for a larger/sharper view)

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Wild Horse DVDs

December 10, 2009

Just a reminder that these DVDs make great gifts and were created in an effort to bring much needed awareness to people who have never seen or don’t even realize that wild horses still exist (at least for now). The DVDs are available individually or as a set with special pricing through my website:

“Our Wild Horses II” (my second DVD) is also available through the equestrian catalog, “Back in the Saddle.”

These DVDs portray the beauty of our magnificent wild horses in their wild homes accompanied by some very moving and powerful musical selections. The second DVD also comes with a reference booklet that provides any information known about the horses in each photo (location, name, etc).

“Our Wild Horses” is $19.95 plus $2.75 shipping (up to 2 DVDs)
“Our Wild Horses II” is $29.95 plus $2.75 shipping (up to 2 DVDs)
The set of both DVDs is $44.95 plus $2.75 shipping per set

Anyone that already has one or both of these DVDs, please feel free to share your own thoughts (in the comments section) about the DVD(s) that might help explain them more fully to the people who may be interested in knowing more. Thanks so much!

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