DSC_9857a-sA group of weanling colts.

A lot of you know that these horses were rounded up in September from the West Douglas HA in northwestern Colorado. They are currently being held at the BLM facility in Canon City, CO. They have been processed and are now available for adoption.

I’m sharing a few pictures here – there are more in albums posted on my website: http://www.nickolesphotography.com/f401126130

I am still working on tag numbers (listed below each image) and those will be updated as they can be identified. Not all will have visible tag numbers, but the Pen numbers listed in the galleries are correct. PLEASE SHARE in hopes that some of these horses will find good, caring, forever homes.

Information and links:

These horses are located in Canon City, Colorado. I am not the contact person for specific information. Numbers and links are listed below.

When contacting BLM, you may use any of the photos on my website (they are downloadable) to help with identification for horses that do not have a visible tag number.

Galleries can be shared anywhere including Facebook via the share button options at the top right of the website page.

These horses are being networked – there is no guarantee that a horse pictured will still be available (but please check!). The next adoption day event is planned for January 8th, 2016. Adopters will need to have approved applications and consent to search forms submitted at least 3 days prior to the adoption.

Information about the upcoming adoption day, future dates, how to find out more about individual horses or to download adoption applications and consent to search forms can be found at the links below:

https://www.coloradoci.com The adoption applications and the consent to search form is under the Wild Horse Program, information tab.

For information on adoption requirements, go to:

Adoption form:

Consent to Search form:

Through the Canon City BLM office, the first 150 miles of shipping is FREE! There is a group shipping option to Grand Junction for 6 or more adopted horses. Contact the BLM office directly for specifics. 719-269-8511 or email: sleonard@blm.gov

DSC_0027a-sWeanling fillies.


DSC_9797-sMares with foals.

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