Green Mountain Stallion

December 3, 2009

Since my posting of the Red Desert Complex wild horses, I’ve continued to wonder about the striking and unusually marked black stallion with the upside down “V” or arrow point on his neck (as one reader commented it looked like) from the Green Mountain HMA. What had been his fate? The question just wouldn’t go away. I decided I needed to try to find the stallion just like I had when it was El Mariachi I was looking for after the White Mountain roundup in 2007.

I sent several photos down to Canon City, CO and to the Rock Springs, WY holding facility (I found out the only horses to go to the Riverton Honor Farm were a couple of foals). And just as before, they looked through the corrals and hundreds of horses for the specific stallion in my photos. This time though, the horse I was searching for was not at either facility so I’m left to presume that he was one of the lucky ones that had been released or never gathered. And that is what I choose to believe. Now I know I might see that handsome boy again when I’m out in that range area and hopefully, I’ll be able to post some photos and give an update on just how well he’s doing as the gloriously free stallion he was born to be.

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