Gypsy Goes Home

November 21, 2009

Sometimes one person (and each of us as individuals) can make a big difference and I think it’s helpful when we share reminders of that at every opportunity. Here’s a story I’d like to share with the hopes that it inspires and motivates…

Photos from the morning fellow photographer and horse lover Barb Young came over the mountain to pick up a very lucky little Mustang mare.

Gypsy had been part of a local seizure (which I wrote about earlier). Being an older mare with no training or much trust for people, she had few options. (She’s 13 and comes from the Piceance Creek-East Douglas HMA right here in Colorado). Despite the fact that she’s a pretty, sweet mare, (my favorite of the 17 seized) no one came forward to adopt her. As a last ditch effort, I posted Gypsy’s information on my Facebook page and Barb responded almost immediately that she’d take her. The process was started with Animal Control and the photos below tell the rest of the story. Gypsy has a wonderful new home and life.

First meeting - Barb with Gypsy on the right and Sampson on the left

Starting to get the panels set up

Gypsy appears a little concerned about seeing a trailer

Getting the trailer situated

Gypsy watches the preparations

Chana tries to calm and distract Gypsy by offering her a treat

We're about ready to start moving Gypsy towards the trailer

No one pushes her - she starts towards the hay in the trailer as we guide her a bit with our bodies

She steps right in!

Piece of cake and such a relief to have it go so smoothly!

Barb and Chris check her out. She's standing quietly munching away

Time for celebrating!

The awesome all girl team of Stacy, Chris, Barb and Chana

Heading home...

Barb and Gypsy arrived safely at Rainbow Farm later that day. Barb even sent me some photos to share.

It looks so peaceful and Gypsy has quite a view of the Grand Mesa too

And even a couple of photos from her first morning on the farm.

She has some new buddies!

Enjoy your new life girl...

***Check out another way this seizure inspired a talented young lady to get involved:

Local 14-Year Old Artist Donates Artwork to Help Benefit Table Mountain Animal Center’s 16 Horses and Donkey

Kudos also to the folks at Jefferson County Animal Control for working so hard to find good homes for all of the horses (and Sonar the donkey) involved in the seizure.

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