Our hearts broke today as we said good-bye to our beloved boy Brihten. Such an active and happy fellow, his sudden decline took us by surprise, especially when there was nothing that could be done to help him but to make a decision that any of us as pet lovers knows is one of the most difficult.

Twelve years ago, Brihten picked us out when we visited Lifeline Puppy Rescue in Brighton, CO after we lost our big dog Makeetah. He brightened our lives immediately – the change he brought to us and the location of Lifeline Puppy Rescue is how he got his name. We didn’t plan on bringing a puppy home that day, but I will be forever grateful that we did.

Brihten was unlike any dog I’ve ever had – and I’ve loved them all. What an amazing boy – like a wise old man with 4 legs and fur. We had a very strong bond and he knew me better than most people. He was smart, sweet and unbelievably sensitive. It’s very hard to think about how much I’ll miss not having him here to take care of us in all the many ways that he did. He was so very, very special.

Sharing some of our many memories in photos…

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Our very special boy, Brihten.


I attempted scrapbooking briefly. These were a few pages I made of Brihten as a pup.


Brihten liked water from the beginning. He loved to play in the rivers and swim in the lakes. Even a garden hose made him happy.


Brihten and Tom’s horse Sammy shared a friendship too. I loved watching them “play” together. Eventually, we separated them as a safety measure, but they would still run up and down the fenceline together and visit over the gate.


When we took little Sage in (on the left), Brihten taught him how to behave, do tricks and all about perimeter security. And they would play, play, play. Brihten even taught Sage how to howl which is what they did every time we came home. I loved the way that they would “sing” their greeting to us.


A portrait of the whole “pack.” Brihten, Kaylen (who we lost in 2009) and Sage.


Brihten loved the snow as well. I took so many photos – I loved that handsome, knowing face.


Always in the water when we took him hiking.


Playing with a huge snowball. He could always make me smile.


Another portrait – Brihten, Kaylen and Sage.


He never seemed to slow down as he aged. He was always “joyfully exuberant” (as my aunt would say).


The boys retrieving tennis balls together in the mountains.


Some older photos…Kaylen and Brihten (when he still had most of his mask). Such big smiles on their faces!


Me, Kaylen, Sage and Brihten hiking around the Wolf Creek Pass area.


Sage, Kaylen and Brihten with Tom. They went everywhere with us (including the horse ranges) and were great little travelers.


Kaylen, Sage and Brihten on one of our camping trips.


Tom hiking with Sage, Brihten and Kaylen.


Camping – Tom with Sage and me with Brihten and Kaylen.


That’s me hiking around Weston Pass with Kaylen and Brihten.


A 2006 Christmas portrait.


I so loved his expressively, sweet face.


And he gave the sweetest kisses ever!


So much a part of the family, I took tons of photos of him over the years.


Brihten and Tom up on Weston Pass (Colorado).


Putting up with my Halloween photos. He was always such a good sport – he just wanted to make me happy.


Tom with Brihten and Sage on one of our wild horse adventures.


This was a composite print I made last Christmas of both Brihten and Sage.


And one last photo of my special boy with the jingle bell he always wore. How I will miss the sound of that bell – and so much more. You’ll be forever in our hearts Sweet “B.” I love you so much and will always miss you.


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