It seems appropriate that since the trial has concluded (see link below), the Photo Of The Week should belong to my 3-Strikes Ranch survivors, El Mariachi and Hope. They are a couple of the lucky ones and have since found a safe and peaceful home with the very generous, animal-loving, wild horse advocate (and the list goes on) Michael Blake – and I’m so grateful for this outcome.

I also appreciate the efforts of every person that had a part in exposing the situation, rescuing, treating, adopting…saving the horses that survived. I’m grateful to the County Attorney and Law Enforcement folks who worked tirelessly to gather the facts for trial. And to the jury who had to sit through a week of testimony to bring about a conviction (justice for the horses). To my family, friends and people I didn’t even know who helped me through this ordeal with their support and kind words of encouragement. Many thanks to all of you.

I’m hoping for a sense of closure with the sentencing phase…

“Jury Finds Jason Meduna 3-Strikes Rancher Guilty on Most Counts”

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