Wild Horse Journal Entry

August 17, 2010

I belong to Equine Photographer’s Network, a membership of equine photographers from all over the world. For the last couple of years, EPNet has featured a very worthy (and difficult) project entitled, “Horses in Need.” Last year I contributed “Rescuing An American Icon,” the story of El Mariachi and Hope and the horrific ordeal they managed to survive at the 3-Strikes Ranch. This year, I’ve been so wrapped up in getting out to the ranges to see our wild horses before all the roundups, I just didn’t think I had any time for this project. However, with a little nudging from one of the founders of the group, I realized that I needed to make time. The wild horses need as much attention as we can possibly give them.

So, this little piece is what I managed to put together in a few hours to meet an important deadline. It’s brief, but heartfelt.

These are just some thoughts I wonder/ponder about when I’m out with the wild horses…

Click on the link below to view the story:
Wild Horse Journal Entry

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