Divide Basin Bachelors

January 22, 2011

It seemed like we were driving forever before we finally spotted some horses. I got out of the Jeep and peered through my lens. Looked like a group of bachelor stallions. What a sight they were against the mountains in all their wildness.

I walked towards them. As with most bachelor bands I’ve run across, they’re the most curious and these guys were no exception. They started towards me as well.

The big bay is trying to catch my scent.

I admit it - I have a thing for the palominos. This boy just shimmered in the sunlight. What a gorgeous animal.


As I was admiring the boys, something spooked them. Look at those quick, cutting horse moves to get out of harm's way. Amazing.

They bunched up and took off. I never figured out what set them off.

Taking another look

You are a beautiful, beautiful horse!

Putting on a show for me by running back and forth as I stand still and watch

Before I made them too uncomfortable, I decided to back away and leave them alone. As soon as I did, they quit moving and stood for this parting photo.

Always such a privilege to spend time with the wild ones…
(September, 2010)

Though we had trouble finding horses in this area (only 4 bands after a full day of searching), there is a roundup scheduled for this herd management area next year:

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