Happy Easter!

April 8, 2012

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Easter Blessings…

From my Beyond Layer’s course assignment this week; create a soft, vintage-looking pastel. In celebration (on a more whimsical note) of the holiday, this is my finished project. 🙂

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Just Plain Cute

August 5, 2010

Okay – obviously not horses, but this little guy was so darn cute, I must’ve stood there taking pictures for half an hour (hubby understands about my little detours and just goes along with them). I love rabbits (all wildlife), but at the horse ranges, it’s usually the big jack rabbits that we see. They always scare me to death when they pop up in front of me as I walk through the sagebrush. This little Desert Cottontail was just peaceful and sweet. Not too intimidated by me at all (well, he does live on a wild horse range – McCullough Peaks to be exact. I’m relatively small compared to them).

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Someone joining me for dinner?

I’ve read that the bunnies will eat the flowers of the cactus, but this was my first eye witness account. There were several munched flowers in the vicinity. He was enjoying quite a feast.

Finished that one - gotta find another

Oh yea - this is a good one


Gotta be careful not to stick my nose in those spines!

You seem harmless, but I still have my eye on you

Well, you gonna join me or what?!

Pretty darn tasty - you don't know what you're missing!

He had the perfect little setup. That’s his home at the left (his hole) and right outside his front door is the garden! Oh, and the view is not to be missed. Home faces west and a beautiful open meadow that almost always has wild horses browsing on it. It’s all about location, location, location!

Hey - thanks for stopping by!

Really enjoyed our little encounter…

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