While not exclusively horses, I thought I’d share some images from the southwestern area of Colorado where Tom and I just spent 10 days.

Our first stops were the Monte Vista and Alamosa National Wildlife Refuges.

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The brightly colored Yellow Headed Blackbird

Ruddy Duck

A Coot youngster

An American Avocet

Ain't I something? 🙂

First thing next morning, we were on our way to spend the day on the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad – America’s highest and longest coal fired, steam operated, narrow-gauge railroad. Cool! I’ve been on the Durango Silverton and the Georgetown Loop, but this was my first time on this train. Our adventure began in Antonito, CO and ended in Chama, NM with a lunch stop in Osier, CO. Loved it and what a wonderful fall trip this would be!

Our mighty little engine

Making last checks before heading out

Blow out!

Known as the Speeder, this little car hangs back and follows the train to put out any cinders that may hit the ground thus preventing a fire.

Indian pictograph along the route - gotta be quick to catch this. The train doesn't slow down! 🙂

Los Pinos River valley

During our ride, we met a young family from Ohio; Ryan, Carrie and Aiden. Ryan is a railroad buff and had been on a section of the route once before. He explained quite a bit about the mechanics, history, etc. of trains and when he remembered a particularly scenic or dramatic scene along the way, he always alerted me. Thanks Ryan! 🙂

Hi Ryan!

Aiden spent most of the day on the observation car (as did I - I have cinders in my camera sensor to prove it). The red booster step was his constant companion.

Our lunch stop - Osier, CO. The train from Chama, NM (going the opposite direction) is already there.

The Chama train departing Osier and heading towards Antonito, CO

At the Cumbres Pass Summit (10,022 ft), we are greeted by a guy and his dog on an ATV. Hi!

Last blow out before coming into the Chama station

End of the line - Chama, NM (we rode the bus back to Antonito).

What a great day – a bit sunburned and windburned (but not bad) with a few cinders in the teeth and eyes (trophies – HA!), but so worth the incredible views. I’ll be back!

I’ll also be going back to Stunner Pass just to the SW of Antonito, CO. A bit high, but very doable (especially if you come from the southern side – you’re up against mountain the majority of the time) and absolutely gorgeous scenery. We camped one night just below the summit. Just a perfect trip. And did I mention something about it being GORGEOUS?! 🙂

The pass follows the Conejos River for quite a ways.

We ran into these guys on the road in the little town of Platoro, CO along our route. My kind of place!

Looking back on Platoro

Summitville, CO

This was both a gold and silver mining location

Something old, something new

Lots of really pretty runoff streams along the way

Approaching the summit

So peaceful

And there's still snow up there! 🙂

At the end of the drive, we found ourselves just west of South Fork. We weren’t sure where we’d end up, but this worked out well since our next destination was Creede, CO.

Downtown Creede

There's a loop you can follow just north of town that takes you to some of the old mines and buildings.

More streams...

We took a road we'd never been on and ended up at the Last Chance Mine. It's location is not for the faint of heart. It sits on a cliff edge and it's about a 2000 foot drop. Gulp!

It’s a very intesting setup and history however. You can find out more about it on their website: Last Chance Mine

They rent cabins for donations (again, cliffy, high locations), there’s a museum and it’s the home of Creede’s Amethyst Vein (my favorite stone). If we’d had more time, maybe I would have tried my hand at “mining” (also part of the activities available).

Some of the items attached to the outside of one of the cabins.

This sits out over the cliff - I will never have to go that bad!

And so does this deck. Sitting out there is one brave individual.

You can see this as you leave the Last Chance Mine.

Looking down at Creede

We stayed just west of Creede at Freemon’s Ranch and enjoyed a horseback ride along the river and into the foothills. The folks there are very nice and next door is their little store that they claim has the best burgers and ice cream around. We tried both and they may be on to something. 🙂

Hi cowboy! 🙂

We spent another day just driving around enjoying the sights and critters around Creede and Spring Creek Pass.

North Clear Creek Falls

Cow moose and calf

Chippy with his face stuffed in a dandelion (see all the seeds spread all over?). I have a whole series of images with this little guy. He was too much fun to watch.

Our state flower - the Columbine.

I just love these colors.

And, a very curious marmot shared his home with me for a bit.

My follow-up post to this trip (Part Two) will include some more incredible Colorado locations as well as many horses. 🙂

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