Colorado Color

October 9, 2011

We left early last Saturday morning, bound for the South Park area of Colorado in hopes of seeing some of the changing colors of the season. It didn’t take long after sunrise to realize that we had timed our quest for color pretty well.

Our first destination – Boreas Pass just west of the tiny town of Como, Colorado.

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Actually, this was taken along the way near Shawnee, CO just as the first rays of sunshine were beginning to reach the canyon

And this was taken on Kenosha Pass.

Oh, here we are - Boreas Pass. 🙂

A reflection off the shell window where the dogs are taking in the views.

I loved these dew covered fallen leaves. The drops looked like little round jewels. So pretty.

At the summit and headed down the other side into Breckenridge.

That's Tom way up there in the truck. Follow the yellow-tree road...

The puppers are pretty comfortable back there in the shell. 🙂 Brihten on the left and little Sage (Sagey) on the right.

Couldn't resist a couple of portraits while they were out playing amongst the color. The handsome and wise 'ol Brihten.

People have asked how Brihten got his name; what does it mean? About 10 years ago, we lost our other dog, Makeetah. Of course it left an awful hole, so we decided to just go look at Puppy Lifeline (they rescue puppies that would otherwise be destroyed) in Brighton, CO. That’s when this adorable little puppy stole our hearts – he ended up picking us out. Well, since we found him in Brighton, CO and he brightened up our life so after losing Makeetah, we fabricated a name that featured both aspects of how he came into our lives. Of course, I love my niece’s version of how we named him (which I never even thought of but got such a kick out of when she told me!). The first part of his name after my step-son Bryson and the last part after my other step-son Justin. How clever is that?! 🙂

And the goofy little guy that keeps me laughing, Sagey.

Almost into Breckenridge now.

We took this photo along Hoosier Pass on the way to Fairplay where we had lunch before heading to our 2nd destination: Weston Pass.

Just starting up Weston Pass.

More play and another portrait. 🙂

Hello there - doesn't she look nice surrounded by color? Mule deer doe.

So much color!

Found these in a little creek than ran alongside the road.

Something was pretty busy around here, but must have gotten interrupted before he was finished.

This was all very recent work of a beaver...or beavers.

We saw this sign right by the trees the beaver was taking down and made a joke that he must have forgotten about this little detail.

There were beaver dams and ponds all over this area.

Saw this little chippy as we were nearing the summit.

Tom and Brihten at an old mining site.

HA! Here's a 10 year-old photo taken at the same place.

Just can't help myself - the boys. 🙂

Made it. At this point, it was getting pretty late in the afternoon, so we had to turn around and head back instead of going down the other side. Next time.

Last shot of the day as the skies were getting very dramatic. Love these types of photos.

We didn’t get home until after dark. Puppies slept most of the way home. A tired dog is a happy dog…and I always feel good about that.

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Our Sweet Kaylen

December 6, 2009

We lost our sweet, beautiful Kaylen today. It was such a shock. One minute she’s seemingly happy and healthy and the next, I’m rushing her to the Vet. It just isn’t fair, but no one is ever ready for this kind of loss. I certainly wasn’t. And it just breaks my heart even more to know that Brihten and Sage are wondering where she is. My saving grace is that my husband came home last night (from tending to his Dad all week) and we were able to hold and set our girl free together. That meant as much to us as it hopefully did to Kaylen.

We’re experiencing the expected range of emotions. Anger, guilt, denial and depression – Tom and I have given each other permission to feel what we need to and in our own time. It wasn’t even two weeks ago that I was telling everyone what a gift our animals are. And that’s what I try to remember when the anger emotion takes hold.

Kaylen didn’t stay with us nearly as long as we would have liked, but she was so very devoted and we’re thankful that she found us. It seems backwards, but losing Kaylen reinforces everything that I’m grateful for. I suppose reflection is also one of the steps of grieving.

I’m grateful that my Mom was strong enough to endure the treatment that put her cancer into remission. I’m grateful that Tom’s Dad seems to be doing better after his mini-stroke. I’m grateful for my family and friends. I’m grateful for the best friend I call my husband. His health and mine. Our home, our jobs and the life we lead. It all means so much to me. And, I’m grateful that I can still come home to two dogs and two horses that make me smile with how happy they always are to see me. But there will always be that hole that any loved one leaves. We will miss you our pretty little Kaylen – our “Special K.” Thank you for sharing all that made you unique, your valuable life lessons and your unconditional love. You were truly a gift.

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Dog’s Day Trip

November 28, 2009

Tom and I decided a doggie day trip in a westerly direction was the best way to spend our after-Thanksgiving Friday off. We ended up in the South Park area just outside of Buena Vista, CO (about 2.5 hours) where we found a quiet mountain back road, played with the dogs and enjoyed a lunch on the tailgate of the Jeep. It was sunny and about 48 degrees – an absolutely perfect day! (I’m as much a dog person as I am a horse person – it’s so satisfying to come home with happy, tuckered out “puppies”).

Tom with the dogs - Kaylen, Sage and Brihten

Super Sage flying through the air!

Sage decides to defer to Brihten who is going for the same ball.

Doing his best to get out of Brihten's way.

Sagey is so athletic

But 8 year-old Brihten is no slouch!

In synch

These two are best buddies - Sage and Kaylen

Handsome boy Brihten

Our pretty girl Kaylen (11 years old)

And our energetic little guy Sagey (6 years old)

I can’t imagine my life without critters. Animals are such a gift.

We lost our sweet Kaylen not long after this happy day trip…

(A necessary notice: Photos are for viewing purposes only. Images are copyright protected and owned solely by Pam Nickoles Photography. No reproduction permitted.)

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