Weather on the Range

April 3, 2022

A video of some of the weather and other conditions seen on the wild horse range. There might be wildlife included as well. 😉

4 Responses to “Weather on the Range”

  1. axelsmom20 Says:

    Every kind of weather possible!! Just like here – snowing today – this is after sunny days near 70 then rain now snow again!!

  2. pnickoles Says:

    Kind of the weather we’ve been having here too. It’s always interesting to me when the trail cam captures weather events. 🙂

  3. Karen Ann Schmiede Says:

    Love the video! The wild turkeys always look goofy!

  4. pnickoles Says:

    HA! The turkeys do look goofy, but I love them. 🙂

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