Photo Of The Week – 2/18/17

February 18, 2017

dsc_8034b-sw-s(Click on photo for larger image)

That familiar, I’m a little scared, but still interested in who/what you are, look. I never get tired of their curiosity. (Salt Wells HMA in Wyoming).

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5 Responses to “Photo Of The Week – 2/18/17”

  1. Craig Downer Says:

    Sure like this beautiful horse! We must defend and restore them in the world of Nature. This is the right and fitting course of action “thing to do”

  2. Craig Downer Says:

    It is indeed extremely reprehensible how the wild horses and burro have been so unjustly targeted and set up for failure in the wild, thus defying the true and core intent of the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971. The wild horses and burros were meant to live freely in nature not become victimized wards of a corrupt bureaucracy catering to greedy and selfish, blind-tradition-bound people! We can change this! We must!!!

  3. chris1055 Says:

    After being harassed and chased, this beautiful creature still could be curious is amazing. Wish him well for his lifetime in freedom.

  4. Anne Breault Says:


    Is there a roundup coming out to this herd? I heard on K2 Radio that there is a proposal for a roundup in Riverton. I work with the TCF and we are trying to find out where this round up may happen.


  5. pnickoles Says:

    Hello Anne – the Riverton HMA’s would be managed by the Lander Field office. Here is their information:
    Lander Field Office
    Field Manager: Rick VanderVoet
    1335 Main Street
    Lander, WY 82520
    Phone: 307-332-8400
    Fax: 307-332-2318

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