Handsome – Winter, 2016

January 21, 2017

dsc_1387a-s(Click on photo for larger image (12/29/16))

He “floats” down a hillside in front of me. As most of you know, this is my favorite stallion on the Piceance-East Douglas horse range. I’ve been following him since 2006 (first Handsome photo). We searched for days for this boy at the end of December. I didn’t want to leave until I had gotten a chance to see how he was doing. On the last day, with only a couple of hours of left before we had to head out, there he was. Finally. He was alone, but he looked good. Of course I wish he’d hook up with some other bachelor stallions, but maybe he will at some point. Earlier in the year, he had a foal with him briefly (that story here). Then we spotted him at the end of October hanging out near a band of 11 and playing with one of its junior members. At least we know he gets social once in a while. 😉

handsome-playing(Playing with a young stallion in October, 2016)

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12 Responses to “Handsome – Winter, 2016”

  1. Rachel Anderson Says:

    Ah. He is … handsome!

  2. pnickoles Says:

    I agree Rachel. 🙂

  3. Naveen chilakapati Says:


  4. Kim Michels Photography Says:

    It’s to see why you love him so much.

  5. ccdowner Says:

    Magnificent presence, this wild stallion … “As it is meant to be: living free!” in a restored and natural world

  6. chris1055 Says:

    Have you or anyone seen the little dark filly who was with Handsome?

  7. TJ Says:

    Super handsome sighting of Handsome!

  8. pnickoles Says:

    Always good to see him TJ. 🙂

  9. pnickoles Says:

    Story coming up Chris. 🙂

  10. pnickoles Says:

    He’s gorgeous isn’t he Kim? 😉

  11. pnickoles Says:

    Thank you Naveen. 🙂

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