Our Little Sage (Sagey)

May 21, 2016

We had to say goodbye to our little Sage last night. Sage was diagnosed with congestive heart failure last Fall and while we did everything we could to keep him comfortable, he let us know it was time. We are heartbroken. He was the last of our pack of 3 and such a special little guy. He was my guy. My shadow, my constant companion, everything good wrapped up as the cutest little dog with the most adorable spotted feet. He never left my side. He must have thought that was his job. I called him my velcro dog. I couldn’t have loved him more – for his loyalty, his funny antics, his sweet demeanor and his calming presence in my life. I will miss him so very much.

I’ll always be grateful to my cousin who told us about this little black dog running loose in the area where she lived in South Fork, CO. We decided to take him, sight unseen. And, I’ll never forget getting home after Tom picked him up and seeing him for the first time. I was so excited! I knew he was a least part Border Collie (I’d always wanted one) mixed with Aussie. He was so darn cute! I couldn’t imagine no one wanting him, but again, I was grateful that he became a part of our family. Of course we didn’t know his exact age, but we got him around Halloween, so we gave him that birthdate. We think he was 12 1/2. It’s never long enough, but we shared a full and happy life with him during those years.

Sharing some of the many memories we made with our little Sagey.

brihtenkaylensageThe original pack of 3. L-R: Brihten, Sage and Kaylen (laying down). We called Brihten the King, Kaylen the Queen and Sage the Court Jester. He was the clown and so much fun!

P1100035Me with Kaylen, Sage and Brihten.

p6060079cTom with Sage, Brihten and Kaylen.

DSC_6491 Sage and Brihten.


DSC_0734Sage loved the water and chasing sticks, balls, whatever he could go after. He was intense and full of energy. We called him our little “Wild Thing.” He eventually settled down, but it took several years (thank goodness for other dogs to play with), but I always admired his passion and exuberance. Settling down did not mean slowing down. He was always energetic and ready to play.




DSC_0960 The Border Collie stalking posture.


DSC_2464a One of my all time favorite photos of Tom with a bouncing Sagey following behind on one of our walks.

dsc_3272a Taken on one of our winter wild horse adventures. Sage always wanted to be wherever I was.


dsc_9801a-sAfter we lost Brihten, Sage was pretty mopey as the only dog, so we adopted Malakai as his new buddy. They got along great together.

DSC_4750aPlaying games as they run along with Tom.

DSC_4917a Such a happy little guy!

DSC_4927 Hiking a trail above Redstone, CO

DSC_5017 Sage would stay or sit for a few “family” photos, but then he was off like a shot to catch up with me. Loved that about him.

DSC_5093My adorable little Sage.

DSC_5658 Snow was another thing Sage loved.

DSC_5845 Rolling in it.

DSC_5949 Running in it.


DSC_6718-s Sage was good with everyone and came with me on almost every visit with Mom. Mom enjoyed my little guy.

dsc_8520Hiking around on the wild horse range. He never chased anything and was a dream traveler. Until his hearing started to go, he never even needed a leash. He then started picking up on hand signals. He was incredibly smart.

DSCN0517a This was taken on our Christmas trip to Piceance Creek last year. Sage loved going anywhere with us.

dscn2858a-copy1 Taken in Sand Wash Basin on another winter wild horse trip. Sage always by my side.


P1060867-s Malakai and Sage play wrestling on the bed. They were buddies. Never had one fight between them.

P1070004a-s Sage used to go to work with me. He liked greeting folks. I so loved having him there with me.

P1070022a-s Hitting my boss Geoff up for some treats. He trained Geoff well.

Pam-use-sMe with Malakai and Sage a couple of years ago.

This photo always makes me laugh. Such a face!

Sage3 Sage was so photogenic. He was a favorite subject of mine.


Sage4-s (2)

Sage4-sSuch intensity.

Sage5 When he was a little guy – on one of our camping trips.

Sage5-s Sage did everything with such gusto!

Sage6Super Sage! He was so athletic. He lived for jumping after and chasing balls.

Sage-LanieAbsolutely good with everyone, including my great niece Ilyana (Lanie).

Sage-Lanie2Sage with Lanie hoping for a taste of sweet potatoes at Thanksgiving last year. So cute!

SageOfficeSage had his own little space in my office. I loved having him with me at work. It will be so different now.

XmasSageSage was a good sport about Christmas and Halloween.

DSC_4913aI’ll so miss those sweet, sweet nose bumps Sagey. I’ll miss everything about you.

21 Responses to “Our Little Sage (Sagey)”

  1. Pauline Greenfield Says:

    So sorry for your loss. It’s so hard losing them, but so worth having them in our life, for the time we have them.

  2. Ronnie Says:

    Oh Sage! You must be having a fun, blast of a time over the Rainbow Bridge! You’ve stolen my heart & will stay there with a smile…& a tear or 2.

    What wonderful photos, Pam. Sage was a wise, super-fun & super-loving dog. YOUR dog, it is so obvious. The way he looked in your eyes, esp. seen in the last photo<3 For sure, more than his spirit is still with you.

    You were blessed to have him. And Sage was so blessed to have you, Tom & friends as family.

    A "stray?" Seems to me he was an angel sent to you for a purpose.

    Thank you Pam for the Joy of being able to see Sage.
    I hope he RIP for awhile before up & running & jumping & sticking his head in the pond ~ clouds…

    ~*~ Amazing Grace ~*~

  3. Deb Buckler Says:

    (Deb Buckler) So sorry for your loss. We’ve ‘been there and done that’ too many times ourselves. It never gets ‘easier’ either. I send you love and peace during this very sad time…

  4. Maggie Frazier Says:

    Oh Pam – my heart goes out to you. They are with us for such a short time – never long enough. Seeing Sage stick his head under water reminds me of our shepherd, Nikki. We kept a pail (regular pail)of water for him – he would drop his dumb bell into it & stick his whole head in to pick it up. We thought that was really funny until the day he dropped his dumbbell into the toilet! Unfortunately – didn’t know that was the problem until the toilet was removed!!!!!!!!! (that’s one of the Nikki memories)
    The pictures are wonderful & so are the memories after they’re gone. Doesn’t make it easier but that’s what we have left.
    Hang in there – I’m sure all your friends are thinking of you, as I am.

  5. Kathy Wharton Says:

    I am so sad to hear that. Pepper is 13+…

    Kathy Wharton 🌸


  6. hawaiihorses Says:

    I understand, all too well… Take care.

  7. Anne Says:

    So sorry for the loss of your beloved. What better family could Sage have asked for? He’ll be waiting for you in heaven. Hugs.

  8. Aleta Wolf Says:

    What a wonderful life you gave to Sage and a relationship between the two of you that will never be forgotten. I too recently lost my Belle of 15 years. She was what you referred to as a “Velcro dog” to me. I feel like a part of me went with her. But we should both be happy we had such a long and loving relationship with such special dogs.
    ((HUGS)) to you Pam.

  9. TJ Says:

    Oh, Pam. I’m so very sorry … and so very happy that he blessed your life and Tom’s … as you blessed his! His memory will always fill your heart and help with the very hole his loss created. {{hugs}}

  10. Sorry for your loss.
    Ode to Sage…
    God looked around his garden and found an empty place,
    He then looked down upon his earth and saw this sweet dogs face
    God put his arms around him and lifted him to rest
    His Garden must be beautiful, for he always takes the best
    He knew that he must be suffering, he knew about his pain
    And knew that Sagey would never romp and run or fetch again
    He saw his path was difficult, he closed his tired eyes
    He whispered then “Peace be Thine” and gave him wings to fly
    Now he is sleeping so calm and free of pain
    We wouldn’t wish him back to suffer once again
    Your great memories of his love and devotion will always be your guide
    You think back of all the nights he was there always at your side
    It broke your heart to lose him but he did not go alone
    For part of you went with him when God called Sagey home……………

  11. puller9 Says:

    Dear Pam, I’m so sorry to hear about Sage. I know you are grateful he graced your life and he, yours. Your memories gave him the wings to heaven. He did his job and loved it! God’s dog, humans best friend.

  12. Wiley Prothero Says:

    We’re sorry over here to hear about Sage, Pam. What a terrific photo essay you did of him! He’s lucky to have such a well-trained owner/Mommy. I know you will miss him. Love–

  13. Karen Schmiede Says:

    So sorry for your loss. Our pets are such an important part of our lives. It really hurts to let them go.

  14. Terry Hardey Says:

     Oh Pam, there is no pain like this pain.

    I believe…
    When puppies are born, they come to us helpless, blind, and deaf.
    Each is a precious little jewel of life, a “clean slate,” given to us by God.
    When we take a puppy or dog into our home and hearts, care for, and care about them,
    We are teaching them about love and how to love back.
    As we show them the fun things of life to share with us, our love for them grows,
    And their love for us and for life grows.
    This is when a dog receives their soul, a gift from God, through our love.

    Pam, you gave Sagey such a full and marvelous life!
    Side by side, he shared your world with you.
    Remember him fondly, for I’m sure he awaits to greet you,
    For you gave him the key to Heaven, with his beautiful new soul!

  15. chris1055 Says:

    All the posts say so much for you and your Sagey. Your pictures describe how such a treasure he is and will be forever in your hearts. I had a little dog very much like Sagey and you helped me remember him, as he never left my heart either.

  16. Lise Morgan Says:

    So sorry Pam. I believe our canine companions live in and for the moment. Clearly, his moments with you and Tom (and his brothers) added up to LOVE & JOY of life. He knew you and you knew him. It was a beautiful journey. The shared memories blessed me this morning. He lives forever in your heart. Gentle hugs to you and Tom.

  17. Maxine Linney Says:

    Beautiful pictures, and beautiful memories. We are blessed to have such wonderful canine companions. I dread the thought of losing my Sheltie, Riley, as he is my sole companion and best friend. I am so sorry for your loss.

  18. Mrs Shoes Says:

    Special dogs wait beside us, unseen, until we rejoin them in the hereafter – sounds like you are surrounded by a pack of special dogs. Very sorry for your loss.

  19. Pat and Bill Rice Says:

    Dear Heart – another family loss to deal with . . . our Tripper, Royal, Shep, Salty, Skip, were all our kids, right along with David and Cathy – Royal, whom we brought home from Italy, was the best baby-sitter and home security – Wow, what memories. Now, Midnight and Maggie have those roles. And we all shared huge chunks of our lives . . . and still do. Yes, it will be the loving file of memories that make our very real investments for us to tap, for the precious moments of our lives that make it all worthwhile! Stormy has that special aura, too, to be always remembered in completeness –


    You and Tommy T. are blessed with your beautiful World of paws, hooves, and each other . . . sleep well this night, and greet another sunrise . . . You are Loved! Bill & Pat

  20. Jo Robinson Says:

    I’m so sorry about Sage. He really is the epitome of what a dog is and what it is to be loved by a dog. What a fantastic guy!!!! Thank you for sharing him with us. I’ve always found the rescues are always something special!!!! I hope you can find peace in the fantastic life he had with you and the love you shared with him. Im certain he is in heaven with all our other wonderful friends awaiting our arrival. What a glorious day that will be!!!
    Thank you again for all the pictures.
    Jo Robinson

  21. pnickoles Says:

    A heartfelt thanks to each of you that left such kind and thoughtful words, a touching poem and your virtual love and hugs. It means so much to me. I feel such a hole left by this special little guy. I know I was very lucky that he was a part of my life, but I can’t help but feel that the time was too short and the loss leaves a painful loneliness…for now. There will come a point when I’ll be able to remember him without tears, but with gratitude and smiles with all he gave to Tom and I over the years. So many of you have shared this same journey with your own animal family – it’s a shared understanding and compassion. Thank you.

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