Mouthful of Mane

August 27, 2013

This series of photos is from a couple of years ago. I came across them as I was doing a photo backup and thought they might make a fun post.

It was a cloudy/chilly day in the McCullough Peaks HMA in Wyoming when Tom and I stopped to photograph some stallion action. We spotted the pinto stallion Medicine Boy making his way towards a sorrel band stallion and his mares. Medicine Boy was hoping to steal one of the girls.

Click on the images for larger/sharper views

The sorrel stallion doesn't waste any time answering the challenge.

The sorrel stallion doesn’t waste any time answering the challenge.




Here the sorrel stallion grabs a mouthful of Medicine Boy's mane.

Here the sorrel stallion grabs a mouthful of Medicine Boy’s mane.

And rips it out.

And rips it out.



Floating in the air...

Floating in the air…


With a little chunk of mane left behind, Medicine Boy takes off as fast as he approached.

With a little chunk of mane left behind, Medicine Boy takes off as fast as he approached.


Stallion battles can be tough, but this one only resulted in a bit of hair loss. 🙂

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12 Responses to “Mouthful of Mane”

  1. No wonder they grow long manes…so they have some to spare.

  2. pnickoles Says:

    Exactly Puller! 🙂

  3. Maggie Frazier Says:

    Makes for pretty good protection! They both are so fit &in such good shape – beautiful…

  4. t6834bl Says:

    Usually, the fighting seems to be all about lookin’ tough. This time it was about bein’ tough!!! Thanks for the share ~

  5. Tess Says:

    Great way for the boys to get a shave….
    …. so long as they don’t mind where it’s from. :-p

  6. Jim Westin Says:

    Awesome series…….that’s gonna leave a mark!

  7. Kelly Militello Says:

    Great shots! They sure are powerful beautiful creatures! Love your pictures!!

  8. Kim Michels Says:

    Phenomenal shots Pam 😀

  9. Arlene Says:

    Wow What great Shots of Natures Most Beautiful, so glad all that was lost was some Mane!!!!!

  10. Ronnie Says:

    Beautiful! Thank you for the smiles. And ended well 🙂

  11. Very powerful shots Pam! You can always count on the McCullough horses to provide the drama!

  12. pnickoles Says:

    Thanks for your thoughts and comments. I have many mini series of images like this. I need to make more time to share them. And it’s always a bonus when all ends well!

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