Finding Nub Ear

August 17, 2013

Proud stallion Nub Ear

Proud stallion Nub Ear

Back in 2008, I started photographing a stallion in the Fifteen Mile HMA near Worland, WY that I called “Nub Ear” due to his mostly missing right ear. I shared photos of my visits with him and his family up until the roundup of 2009. Since that date, I have not seen, or found anyone else, that has seen him. We even met up with a great guy that goes out to Fifteen Mile frequently in hopes of finding Nub Ear, but still nothing. (Jerry Cook – that story here: Jerry had looked for Nub Ear (and one of his offspring, Junior) many times for me with no sightings.

Earlier this year, I was looking at some of Shawn Ivie’s work (WyoMan Photography) on Facebook when I got a wonderful surprise – he had images of Nub Ear that were taken this year! Of course I e-mailed him for the date and location, etc. and Shawn was nice enough to fill me in about the sighting. I quickly e-mailed Jerry and gave him the news. He made plans to go out to Fifteen Mile right away. Below is Jerry’s account of that trip…

“We made an adventure out to the 15 Mile Area on the Good Friday before Easter weekend, and I have to say, it was a very Good Friday.

We had gone past the intersection that goes to Fenton Pass, (where the gentleman from Sheridan found Nub Ear earlier I think). Probably a mile or little more. Delores caught a glimpse of the paint stallion and bay mare out of the corner of her eye as we were passing by. Almost missed them, but anyway we stopped and started glassing to see if they were the ones I’ve seen in that area before. While looking, another head appeared to the left of those two kind of coming up from behind the little hill. And then another one showed up and right away we both said it looked like Nub Ear! I immediately got the spotting scope out and set up. It was him. While setting up my camera, I noticed another horse come into view to the right side of those first two, and it was definitely the one you have showed me and named Junior. After a little time, I started working my way towards them to try to get good photos. They kept posing for me and then Junior started moving in my direction in kind of a challenging mood so I decided to move back towards the pickup. (Funny) We spent quite a while watching them move around and decided to go over to the western side of the range to find some more horses. We located 3 (a stallion, mare and new born foal), but didn’t see any more that day. We did meet the BLM person who oversees this area and talked with him. He had been around some more of the area and hadn’t found any other horses either. Weren’t sure where they were hiding that day. So we returned to the area that Nub Ear was in and located them again. They had moved over to the south side of the main road, kind of toward where that solar powered water hole is located. They again started posing for us, (and grazing too). Like I said, it was a very good day.”

Nub Ear!

Nub Ear!








When I got the news from Jerry, I started jumping up and down! Not only had he found Nub Ear, but Junior as well. And they were together! (You can read about Junior here: Thank you so much Jerry for sharing your story and photos!

I hope I can get out to Fifteen Mile sometime this year to look for Nub Ear and Junior myself, but whether I do or not, it’s just so good to know that they’re still out there and doing well!

DSC02773 copy Handsome, young Junior.

(For more stories/photos of Nub Ear and his family, just type “Nub Ear” in the search box in the right side column of the Blog.)

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19 Responses to “Finding Nub Ear”

  1. Robyn Says:

    Oh Such a Great Story…Thank you for sharing.. What a Delight Nub Ear!

  2. Serenity Says:

    He is a beautiful horse, Pam! I barely notice the nub, BUT it does give him character, that’s for sure! 😉

  3. Congratulations Pam! At least They were found. Hopefully you’ll be able to see them yourself soon. Looking forward to the pictures!

  4. Arlene Says:

    Nub Ear or not no matter , he is even more beautiful , what Nature does is compensate in another way!!!!! i have found is each one is a unique wonderment !!!! He is no exception!!!!!



  6. Lyn McCormicK Says:

    Great story Pam and what handsome horses

  7. Jerry Cook Says:

    Your entry on this is wonderful. I am so pleased to have been able to provide this info to you.

  8. Margaret Says:

    Pam thank you for sharing this at this moment. My heart is heavy tonight with the knowledge that our government was complicit in the sale of some 200 horses for slaughter. I’m glad that this stallion and his family are still intact.

  9. Mary Says:

    What a lovely story and beautiful photos Pam!

  10. pnickoles Says:

    Thank you Robyn!

    I agree about his ear Serenity – only adds character. 🙂

    Thank you Terry – I’m hoping a trip that way can be arranged.

    I agree Arlene. 🙂

  11. pnickoles Says:

    You’ve been following me for a while then Shirley. 😉 So nice to be able to write about these 2 boys again.

    Thanks Lyn – hope you’re doing well!

    Can’t thank you enough Jerry. I really appreciate you sharing the photos and your story with all of us.

    I wish I only had feel-good stories to share Margaret. I know loving the wild ones can be tough as well as wonderful.

  12. Mar Wargo Says:

    Thanks Jerry! Have heard about this horse a long time! Now Pam is happy!

  13. Is 15-Mile up near Adobe Town and Red Desert? I was just wondering if this was the nub-eared stallion in Carol Walker’s book? He had not been seen since the 2010 Adobe Town area round up. 😦 His son, Junior, is marked almost identically to Nub Ear. I hope they hide well from the next round up.

  14. pnickoles Says:

    Hi Puller – Nub Ear is not the same stallion. Fifteen Mile is a long ways from Adobe Town and Red Desert. And you’re right about Junior. Here is a side by side photo of Nub Ear and Junior: And here’s one that shows Junior as he’s grown since the first time I saw him:

  15. Maggie Frazier Says:

    Pam – I’m so glad Nub ear is still living free. I went back to the 2010 pictures & apparently I was following you then! They both are so beautiful & full of character. Thanks so much for letting all of us get to know them.

  16. Steve Long Says:

    Pam, have you ever read the “Joe Pickett” novels by C.J. Box? I would bet that you have, but if not, they are based on “Joe” and his family who live in “Twelve Sleep”, Wyoming obviously in the Ten Sleep – Worland area. They often mention real landmarks in the area.

  17. pnickoles Says:

    You’ve been with me a few years too then Maggie! 🙂

    Hi Steve – no, I’ve never heard of those novels, but they sound like something I should check into! Thanks!

  18. pnickoles Says:

    Yes, Jerry, what Mar said. 😉

  19. Maggie Frazier Says:

    I’ve read most if not all of the Joe Pickett books! I’m not familiar with the landmarks – BUT love the books. He does write a good story AND has the feel of the animals. Pam you would like them.

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