New Family Member – Malakai

August 13, 2013


After losing our wonderful boy Brihten, it became very apparent that Sage was not doing well as a lone dog. He’d always had a buddy and without one, he became pretty quiet and mopey. This behavior did not fit our “wild thing” at all. I took him to work with me every day so he wouldn’t have to be home alone, but on the occasions we did have to leave him, he developed anxiety. That’s when Tom and I decided we should probably think about getting another dog. But it couldn’t be just any dog. Sage is older now (10 on Halloween) so a little puppy was probably not going to work for us. A young adult dog made more sense, so I went about getting ourselves pre-approved with a couple of Aussie/herding dog rescues and we started looking. We met a few dogs, but little Sage did not seem to take to any of them.

Tom was scanning Craigslist one morning and saw an ad for a Border Collie/Aussie mix (that is what Sage is) that needed a new home. I e-mailed right away. I found out that the dog belonged to a military family and they were being relocated overseas. We e-mailed back and forth and then set up a meet for the 2 dogs. We were happily surprised when Sage showed some real interest in this handsome 1 1/2 year old “puppy.” We took him home on a trial basis and after a few days, decided he fit in pretty nicely – and the family seemed pleased with his placement. (Since I frequently write about our adventures with the dogs, the family will be able to follow his life through my Blog). We renamed him Malakai (I almost always give new names to go with their new homes) and though he’s quite a handful (can you say warp speed and high energy?), he’s also very sweet and loving. He gives the gentlest hugs and kisses.

Hugs and kisses

Hugs and kisses






Most of the time, Sage and Malakai play very well together and even enjoy some mild roughhousing. When Sage eventually tires, he’s met with some resistance, but each day, Malakai is getting better and better at figuring out when Sage needs a break…and leaves him alone. Good boy.




Welcome to the family Malakai.

I just love their smiles.

I just love their smiles.

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31 Responses to “New Family Member – Malakai”

  1. Georgia Halloran Says:

    Very good to get him a pal

  2. Mary Says:

    He looks as tho’ he loves all of you but still has memories and is wondering where his ‘other family’ is and doesn’t quite understand yet why things have changed. Just a bit more lovin’ every day will soon ease his spirit. You are lucky to have found such a li’l trooper.

  3. Lori Schmidt Says:

    Awesome Pam they are both beautiful! ❤

  4. Leilani Clark Says:

    He is very handsome. They are both very handsome. Is his name Hebrew?

  5. Janet C Says:

    We know all about getting the new dog for the one left behind after its pal departs. Congrats on finding the right one and he is gorgeous! We found a new “second dog” for our “St. Bertriever” Karma…a wild and crazy but so lovable husky, Mickey. Both are rescues and adore one another. Happy Dog Days now.



  7. Lyn McCormicK Says:

    Very nice 🙂

  8. Sarah Linney Says:

    What a great looking new addition!!! As always, thanks for sharing. SML

  9. Anne Says:

    We met Tom while he was walking with Malakai last night – what a sweet boy! I’m sure he’ll soon realize that he found a very good home.

  10. Gerri Says:

    WOW…Sage has one HUGE smile again!!! Makalai is BEAUTIFUL! Life is back into balance with all members happy! thank you for sharing these beautiful photos.

  11. Lori Loucks Says:

    They are beautiful together! So happy for you all!!!

  12. Reda Says:


  13. Congratulations Pam!! Yes, that is definitely a happy smile on Sage and Malakai looks just as delirious!

  14. Chris Posey Says:

    Their smiles are just wonderful. You must be so glad this worked out and so are Sage and Malakai.

  15. Chris Posey Says:

    It’s wonderful that Malakai’s former family can keep up with him too. The hardship of leaving him is mitigated.

  16. BEAUTIFUL ! and i am also an Aussie fan..yay ! congrats to you all

  17. Joanne Says:

    Malakai looks like a perfect fit!! Not quite a rescue, but oh my did he find a good home and came from a good home. A wonderful story. How wonderful for Sage. He looks happy too.

  18. Bill Rice Says:

    Yesssss! Pammie, you’ve done it again, and the fellow in the photos looks pretty pleased. too! You’re going to have to marry him one of these days . . . or did we do that? . . . Douglas Mountain? . . . cougars? . . . elk? . . . Big Party!
    We’ve been off the books for quite some time, getting Pat’s sister, Ginger, settled with her family out in Grant, NE, last December, and moving her back here two weeks ago! Her kidney-transplant recoup team was questionable, and she really missed all the great friends here. Ginger is in Cabool’s “highrise”, a 5-story Sr. housing, with a nice apartment identical to my Mom’s of 22 years ago. So we were on the road when you sent word re El Mariachi’s untimely death. What a terrific loss.


    He is beautiful and looks quite taken with his newhome, and they look good together . he is old enuff to understand about older doggies needed a nap , and young enuff to be a good transistion to a new warling home like yours . best of luck to all , Sherrii in texas

  20. Kim Michels Says:

    What a fun story Pam! Your dogs look so happy together 😀

  21. Arlene Says:

    The three of them look very very happy !!!! wooo hooo , looks like a great match, Pam !!!!!

  22. Lisa Messmer Says:

    What a beauty! Our beloved dogs who have passed can never be “replaced”, but I am glad that Sage has a new buddy to keep him company. Happy that he is working out, and that his former family can rest assured he has a wonderful new home in every way!

  23. Maggie Frazier Says:

    So glad you & Tom & Sage found the right addition to your family. Its been a rough few months – I know. Ten years ago I had to have my dog (13) put to sleep in August & my horse(28) put down in December. VERY rough. Love the pictures – all of them. Looking at them & reading about your trips – makes my day.

  24. Natalie Pennell Says:

    Malakai is so pretty! Glad to hear he and Brihten are getting along well 🙂 I do believe this was meant to be! Can’t wait to see more posts and pictures of the new family member!

  25. Natalie Pennell Says:

    Oh dear – I meant to say Sage in my previous comment – I tried to change it but no luck – i’m sorry about that 😦

  26. pnickoles Says:

    Thank you all for welcoming our new guy and for all the good wishes. As one of my FB friends mentioned to me – it’s so nice to have new life after so much loss. We are very happy Malakai came to us when he did.

  27. I’m so glad for all of you Pam, to have this happy story together for both dogs.

  28. leslie Says:

    Pam and Tom-

    We are so happy for you. Everyone looks happy!

  29. Mary Duke and Dusty Healey Says:

    Yeah! Awesome! Very cute!

  30. Linda Says:

    Your dogs are both quite beautiful. I understand how lost/depressed a dog can get when they lose a canine friend. I am happy you were able to find Sage a new buddy. We lost our white GSD mix and our Chow mix went into such a deep depression, and we were afraid we might lose him too. We brought home a black lab puppy.for him and to help us move forward. At first, he did not like her, but became very close with her as she calmed down.

  31. pnickoles Says:

    That’s a nice story Linda. 🙂

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