Photo Of The Week – 2/6/13

February 7, 2013


Piceance Creek/East Douglas HMA (Colorado) portrait. I don’t know if this is a mare or a stallion, but whatever the gender, it’s a fine example of the beauty and health of our wild horses out there on the ranges.

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9 Responses to “Photo Of The Week – 2/6/13”

  1. Serenity Says:

    A lovely example of beauty! Look at the luster on that coat! How it sparkles in the sun!

  2. Serenity Says:

    Reblogged this on Serenity's Musings and commented:
    A lovely example of beauty! Look at the luster on that coat! How it sparkles in the sun!

  3. Arlene Says:

    OHHHHHHHH Pam, You know I am absolutely In Awe ~~~~~~ The beauty of a Black Mustang is all encompassing Beauty, He is Magnificent !!!!!! He is Mystical , magic !!!!!! Beauty personified!!!!!!! I wish i could see him in person !!!!!!! A big Thank You Pam !!!!!!!!! He would make a stellar Canvas Portrait !!!!!! One you could feel his presence as if he were standing right next to you !!!!!!!!!

  4. Lyn McCormicK Says:

    Magnificent animal ! I’ve been thinking about the Wyoming wild horses all day and all of our friends at the WY RAC meeting this week fighting for the Red Desert wild horses. Keep them in your hearts and prayers.

  5. Maggie Frazier Says:

    Perfect! As all mustangs should be – free & wild. And beautiful
    And Arlene, youre right – you can feel him….

  6. Margaret Says:

    What never ceases to amaze me is the sheer beauty of these animals. The conformation and it’s all natural! It’s not selectively bred. They are spectacular!

  7. Ronnie Says:

    Absolutely (!), Truly (!), Majestic Beauty! Shining glory & esp. with what looks-like a braided mane! Thank YOU again for these feel-good photos ****.

  8. Arlene Says:

    Dear Pam , Have wanted to ask you ?????? Do you have a full photo of the Horse named Freedom??????

  9. Yes, indeed, God bless them, how they shine in freedom out in the natural world! They must be restored. We must learn to share freedom and the land with them!

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