Red Desert Stallion – 01/19/13

January 19, 2013


A retreating band stallion in the light of a setting sun. Red Desert HMA, Wyoming.

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11 Responses to “Red Desert Stallion – 01/19/13”

  1. Arlene Says:

    A fabulous Stallion Nature never fails to amaze us and neither do you Pam !!!!,

  2. Gun metal grey. Fabulous and powerful looking guy! Let me know if you come across the Strawberry Varnish Roan with broad white blaze in Red Desert. I don’t know why he hooked me so, but I am!

  3. lethie2012 Says:

    Beautiful Image. Love the color…

  4. pnickoles Says:

    Thanks Arlene and Lethie! 🙂

    I think the horse you’re talking about lives in the White Mountain HMA Puller. Haven’t seen him in a few years. Hopefully, I’ll make it out there this year.

    Interesting article Morgan. I know a lot of people are concerned about what will happen to that Red Desert area. Pinedale was a beautiful place that I used to visit when going to and from the Tetons and Yellowstone. Not the same place anymore. 😦

  5. sharonpacker Says:

    Beautiful moment, Pam!

  6. Wonderful to see him so free! A unique being who expresses so much about himself in his unique horse form and in natural freedom. There is more to life than meets the eye!

  7. Any of you get my book The Wild Horse Conspiracy. I spent 4 years perfecting this and believe that if enough people were to truly receive its message it would go a long ways in turning the situation around for the horses and burros and their rightful freedom. It is available through me or quickly from The two links are: for printed book or for eBook (both illustrated with many pictures and figures): and for eBook (with color pictures)

  8. Lyn McCormicK Says:

    Great camouflage – is he s roan or a gray ? Whatever color he is it works.

  9. pnickoles Says:

    Thanks Sharon – nice to hear from you! Hope you’re well. 🙂

    “Wild Horse Conspiracy” is a must have for your library!

    Good question Lyn – I’m not a color expert, but Puller (comment above) calls him gun metal gray. 🙂

  10. Arlene Says:

    Dear Pam, I have not heard that color terminology in years, But it is a great way to describe his shinning deep color gray with a little silver tint , awesome !!!!!!

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