Photo Of The Week – 12/21/12

December 21, 2012


A beautiful pinto mare trots across the sage to the safety of her band. Salt Wells HMA, Wyoming (archive photo, 2010).

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12 Responses to “Photo Of The Week – 12/21/12”

  1. Beautiful girl! I always feel such cheeriness when I see the wild ones at home.

    by the way Pam, I love the snowfall on this site. Love the effect!


  2. pnickoles Says:

    Thank you Leslie – cheeriness is a nice emotion. 😉 The snowfall is an effect that’s offered every year by WordPress. You can either keep it or click it off, but I like it too. 😉

  3. Arlene Says:

    What a Beautiful girl , her markings only Nature can paint what a stellar Photo Pam !!!!! Your easel is filled with magnificent beauty that can only be found out on the Range………………… How i wish that the Mustangs will be again Wild and Free !!!!!!! If there were only one gift i could give to them It would be Their Freedom to Roam free !!!!!! Their Beauty once again Protected !!!!!!!

  4. pnickoles Says:

    That would be an awesome gift Arlene!

  5. Lyn McCormicK Says:

    Is she a “Medicine Hat” paint ?

  6. Roxy Says:

    Precious! I keep saying “what other wild animal exhibits such diversity”? Maybe birds and butterflies – but still not within thier own individual sub-types, not Zebras, or Giraffs – many stricking in thier own way.

  7. Leilani Says:

    She’s a beauty and in really good shape. In foal perhaps?

  8. Quad Dean Says:

    My two mustangs came from the Salt Wells Creek band…one is a roan, the other a palomino. WONDERFUL horses!!!

  9. loriprophoto Says:

    Beautiful Pam. Lyn she is not a medicine hat, looks more like the Tobiano pattern.

  10. Lyn McCormicK Says:

    I think she is a Medicine Hat. Thank you Google !

  11. loriprophoto Says:

    She is not a medicine hat, I have paints and I have 2 Medicine Hats and numerous Tobianos. This mare is a Tobiano which is a solid colored head (with a thin blaze) white legs and body patches, the solid head is the key. Visit here for Tobiano and here for Tovero or what is also termed as a medicine hat

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