Photo Of The Week – 6/27/12

June 28, 2012


A petite little West Douglas HMA filly. This herd is in danger of being removed permanently from their home here in Colorado. To find out more about their situation and how you can help, please watch the video at the link below:

Saving Colorado’s Mustangs

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6 Responses to “Photo Of The Week – 6/27/12”

  1. Sylvia Says:

    I so enjoy your photo of the week. Thank you so much.

  2. Carole J in MN Says:

    Such a rich mahogany color! ! she’s a beauty!!

  3. arlene Says:

    What I see in her beautiful face is Hope !!!!! Its as if she posed herself , What a enchanting Beauty she is !!! Thank You Pam, she sure made my day !!!! I pray we can make her everyday FREE !!!!!!

  4. Craig Downer Says:

    How happy she looks and content to be herself, proud to be free in the land of the free. It is such a miserable crime even sin how the selfish interests including in government who serve these are plotting to eliminate these beautiful presences. They the wild horses are true healers of the land and of us

  5. arlene Says:

    The Wild Mustangs had me at Beauty !!!!!! I will always remember my first sight of them on the Las Vegas Desert…………… I stood their frozen with them completely overwhelmed at the stunning sight and sound, My mind , body and soul were captured that day.!!!! I have been there many times in my life , have played that scene over and over again in my mind !!!!! I can compare it with nothing I have ever witnessed, complete Poetry in Motion…..whomever coined that phrase, must have been there and saw the Wild Mustangs .!!!! Even though 10 yrs ago I went there and could not find them, why because the BLM had started there horror assaults on them…………. I want to share that experience with everyone,It was mesmerizing and totally innocent !!!!! Be Gone BLM , be Gone !!!!

  6. Sami Says:


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