Photo Of The Week – 3/20/12

March 20, 2012

Another Colorado wild horse. This stallion is from the Piceance Creek/East Douglas HMA near Meeker, CO. Love the light and view.

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6 Responses to “Photo Of The Week – 3/20/12”

  1. arlene Says:

    BEAUTIFUL PAM ! Wild and FREE like it should be !!!!!!Our Mustangs are truly the Heartbeat Of America !!!!!

  2. Ann Says:

    He is gorgeous:)

  3. LynnIL Says:

    And they say there is no room for the wild horses. Shame on those who do not see the beauty of these animals in the wild.

  4. Mary & Dusty Says:

    Just awesome! Super pic!

  5. ginger Says:

    The essence of wildness. Just breathtaking!

  6. Craig Downer Says:

    This is where he belongs, in freedom! He is a healing presence. Let’s not let the ne’erdowells deprive him and his kind of their rightful freedom! You can order my book The Wild Horse Conspiracy on or through me for autographed copy. If enough people read my book thoughtfully it will turn the situation around for the wild horses such as our wonderful companion here!

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