Photo Of The Week – 12/20/11

December 20, 2011

Adobe Town HMA stallion (Wyoming). Doesn’t he look wonderful against the snow? Meet his family and read the full story (with lots of images) of finding this boy and others one winter weekend in 2010:

Wild horse prints and more:

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9 Responses to “Photo Of The Week – 12/20/11”

  1. Kelly Militello Says:

    Absolutely beautiful! What a Christmas present to share his beauty with us!!

  2. Katrine Pett Says:

    May he and his family band roam free forever- Merry Christmas Pam and thankyou for sharing such beauty! from a wild,wet and wonderful Dartmoor,Devon,uk.

  3. arlene Says:

    Thank You Pam, what a wonderful day you had there , with this magnificent beauty and his herd, along with your dogs and Husband………………Nature has no flaws when she presents all her beauties in this wonderful way !!!!! If only we can present the Mustangs back to the Freedom that is theirs….

  4. Nothing is as beautiful to me than seeing horses running wild and free. Thanks for sharing those pictures with us who don’t have the possibility to go out there. All I wish for Christmas is that they are allowed to run free forever.

  5. Jim Westin Says:

    How absolutely perfect….Merry Christmas, Pam.

  6. Cat Kindsfather Says:

    What a beautiful Christmas photo. He is gorgeous, looking right at you too! And yes, he does look fantastic in the snow…..

    Thank you for sharing him. I hope he remains free & wild.

    Merry christmas Pam. ❤ xoxo Cat

  7. Greer Haseman Says:

    WOW! What a majestic photo. Thanks Pam, I always enjoy your work. And I have to agree with an earlier post, all I wish for this Christmas is that they are allowed to roam free forever.

  8. lethie Says:

    Beautiful Photo. Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas. Hoping that something will change real soon to help protect these amazing animals.

  9. Again Pam, how can I thank you enough for your work!! So many days I feel so down, then your wonderful photos appear, I think this one just might be the SINGLE BEST ONE YET!!! I wish you & yours the very best Christmas ever. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

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