The Eagle Is Landing

November 19, 2011

On one of our trips to see the Piceance Creek/East Douglas wild horses this summer, I had the opportunity to observe some eagles that were nesting along the White River (thanks Mike). They were beautiful and fascinating – I took a ton of photographs of them. Here is just one series.

Click on the images for larger/sharper views

Simply incredible…

Raptor gallery:

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21 Responses to “The Eagle Is Landing”

  1. Jim Westin Says:

    WOW….I know luck favors the prepared mind, but you nailed that and stuck the landing. GOOD JOB!!

  2. Cindy Says:

    very nice!!!

    love those talons and getting a shot of him/her calling is excellent!

    Always fun to see your photos Pam, thanks for sharing!

  3. pnickoles Says:

    You’re too funny Jim. I couldn’t get enough of these guys. So amazing to watch. Powerful…

    Thanks Cindy! Always nice to hear from you. 🙂

  4. Kim Michels Says:

    Unreal! So majestic!

  5. pnickoles Says:

    Perfect description Kim – majestic. 🙂

  6. katrine pett Says:

    Stunning! thankyou Pam.

  7. Sue Says:

    Gives me chills. Great photography.

  8. Kathleen Says:

    Awesome, Pam! So many lovely images. Could you hear him yelling? We have a lot of hawks, ravens, vultures and owls here in AZ but I’ve yet to see an eagle. Would have to trek to their river haunts I believe.

  9. celeste Says:

    Amazing. Thank you!

  10. pnickoles Says:

    Thanks Katrine – stunning creatures. 🙂

    Thank you so much Sue.

    You know Kathleen, I don’t think I’ve seen an eagle when I’ve been to Arizona. Lots of other creatures I don’t see around here (like the Gila monster on the last trip – cool!), but I don’t remember seeing eagles.

    Thank you Celeste!

  11. Pam as usual you have supplied us with your truly wonderful visions through the lens of your camera 🙂

  12. Bob Smith Says:

    Pam, these are excellent. Thanks for the photos. They are amazing birds aren’t they?

  13. Deby Says:

    OMG Pam!!! You have absolutely hit gold with these shots!!! Totally amazing, breathtaking, and unbelievably perfect in every way!!! It is like being there and actually hearing the cries of that bird. Thank you so much for sharing these amazing shots.

  14. ginger Says:

    These pictures are a WOW! Wish I had been with you to shoot some HD footage. Just a wonderful job of photographing these beautiful birds.

  15. Margaret Says:

    Wow what a beautiful bird. Birds are the closest living descendant of dinosaurs. He is sooo beautiful.

    You were so lucky to be in the right place at the right time. And we are so blessed to have you share these amazing photos!

    Thanks Pam!

  16. Mar Wargo Says:

    Yep, you got t down, Pam!! What a bird!

  17. Karen McLain Says:

    Absolutely stunning and sharp Pam! I can just hear him and feel the breeze!

  18. Bad Brother Says:


  19. pnickoles Says:

    Thanks Darcy – you’re always so supportive.

    Hey Bob – nice to hear from you. Yes, the eagles are amazing. Such a lucky find.

    Deby – love your enthusiasm. Thank you so much!

  20. pnickoles Says:

    Thanks Ginger – I’ll let you know if they’re there next year so you can get that footage. 😉

    Thank you Margaret. You may be seeing more of the eagles. I really did take a ton of photos!

    Thanks Mar! 🙂

    Thanks Karen! I was an absolute privilege to be there to see them.

    Wow – even a comment from big brother! Thanks Tony! 🙂

  21. patricia cuevas Says:

    So beautiful & majestic, it’s as if he was saying something to you! I sent it on to my Dad, he’ll love it 🙂 we don’t see many here in Fl. I have seen a couple tho…Thanks for your amazing photos Pam 🙂

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