Piceance Creek Wild Horses At Canon City BLM Facility

November 6, 2011

Tom and I went down to the Canon City, CO BLM facility last Friday to photograph the horses that were rounded up this Fall from the Piceance Creek/East Douglas HMA. These trips are hard on the heart because there are so many horses (and familiar faces) there, with more on the way coming from the Divide Basin roundup going on right now in Wyoming.

I have posted an album of available horses (weanlings, pairs, geldings and mares) on my Facebook page (“Pam Nickoles Photography“). The direct link to the album is: https://www.facebook.com/NickolesPhotography#!/media/set/?set=a.2219089473627.2107325.1139356307&type=1).

If you see any horses in this album that may be of interest to you (or possibly someone you know), the contact number for more information is (719) 269-8539. E-mail or message me if you’d like me to try to get a tag number for you on any of these horses (info@NickolesPhotography.com). I can also pass along an e-mail address for the person to contact down at BLM. Please feel free to share this album. There are so many horses that need loving homes. Thank you!





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15 Responses to “Piceance Creek Wild Horses At Canon City BLM Facility”

  1. Jim Westin Says:

    Hi Pam…not as much fun to look at these kinds of images. If only there were a just, humane, reasonable explanation for this senseless, genocidal extermination. But, there is not!

    We should not be dealing with the BLM or the DOI…all they do is lie and go on their merry way. They are, doing for the Horses, what the BIA did for the Native Americans. There is no legitimate system within which we can work to bring about justice for this endangered species.

    “They made us many promises, more than I can remember, but they kept only one; they promised to take our land, and they did.” – Red Cloud.

    NOW, they are taking our horses!!!! (and they will). They are NOT “their” Horses to take….The BLM is supposed to be “managing” America’s Horses…..our beautiful, free Horses, at least for sustainability. OCCUPY THE BLM!!

    Passive resistance ✔ FAILED
    Civil Disobedience ✔ FAILED
    Operating within “their” system ✔ FAILED
    Armed rebellion ❐ UNTRIED……

  2. Oh so very hard to view these images but glad you can force yourself to go look at them and take pictures to help get them adopted. Man used these horses for their needs such as, tranportation, fighting wars, building railroads and roads, growing their food, driving their cattle,and mail services. Now that they have used them up they want to destroy them. How this is happening to them is unbelievable and cruel. Very, very sad that we are not protecting them for all they have given us all all these years.

  3. Maggie Frazier Says:

    They are all beautiful – only wish I could take one or more of them – but its not possible anymore.
    I agree with Jim Westin completely. They are not THEIR horses, they are our horses. This certainly isnt what Wild Horse Annie had in mind when she worked so hard to keep them free.
    Keep those pictures coming – they at the very least, bring these horses into our hearts and minds.
    Thank you

  4. Pam, Thank you so much for giving these horses the exposure that they need. Not an easy job for you but it is appreciated. It seems that the ones that care the most for these horses already have too many animals. Sorry to say that is my case, I would love to have wild horses and burros as they are close to my heart. Your photos help their situation more than you know. Please know that your caring is appreciated and will not be forgotten. Thanks so much!!

  5. Barbara Warner Says:

    Jim is right.
    Notice there are no stallions or colts for adoption . This is everywhere I am afraid. IMO it’s a deliberate plan to futher cause this unique breed to become extinct.

  6. i so so SO don’t get why ..they are continuing to DRIVE SO MANY SUDDENLY…i still..do not understand what the corrupt..underlying REASON is that all of this changed..help..is it some super powerful cattlemen in bed with the gov ? i mean..why now..SUCH a huge drive to rid us of the wild horses? GAS LINES? WHAT ??!!
    sad 😦 Mary Ann

  7. Forest Horse Says:

    Thank you Pam. They are beautiful. Thanks for doing what you can to assist them to find a better place than they are currently.

    To Mary Ann: There was recenlty an article by Debbie Coffey I believe on RT Fitch’s blog which went into the WHY. Some very large interests are vying for the land that the horses roam.

  8. Craig Downer Says:

    So wish they could be free again in a world where they are left to be themselves and it is we humans who learn how to let them be free and let their world blossom

  9. How I appreciate you for being able to do this. My heart is breaking & can do not much of anything about it….

  10. BERNICE Says:

    there has to be a way to get thru to someone. i wonder if a large snail mail delivery to the presidents wife and the girls would be of any help. i’m sure the girls wouldn’t want to see the pretty horses killed or penned up. maybe the misses could work on the pres and remind him that hes’ behind at the polls and something like this might help him.
    the herds can manage themselves thru natural selection, they don’t need help from us. and the cattlemen can just mind their own business since i don’t recall any studies that suggest that the mustangs are causeing the cows to starve.

  11. Marion Costa Says:

    This is absolutely sickening. What becomes of these horses after being rounded up? Why isn’t there a strong lobby from your group in Washington or with some national TV network like CNN where perhaps a documentary could be shown. This is Anderson Cooper’s sort of story.

    I pray this awful disgrace ends!!!! Only “we” can make them stop by publicizing this to our many fellow Americans who know nothing about it especially in the Eastern, Southern
    and Midwestern states.

    Marion Costa

  12. Silver Fang Says:

    All of this is being driven by cattle ranchers and corporations who want to use the land. They will pay the BLM big money to rent the land for grazing, strip mining, oil drilling, etc. The mustangs and burros are simply in the way to them.

  13. Debbie Says:

    Pam, my heart is heavy with regret. All the years that I didn’t know this crap was going on and now it’s too late. I hate this government and the creeps that maligned the wording of the 1971 Act to allow the BLM to destroy not save our wild mustangs. Every call, fax and email has fallen on deaf ears. I admire your passion and devotion to the wildhorses! We’re too late

  14. pnickoles Says:

    Hi everyone – this post was especially difficult for me and I had to take a step back from it for a while, so I apologize for not responding. With all my heart, I hope at least some of these horses find homes and that’s it’s not too late to save our wild herds. I just can’t imagine my world without them in it.

  15. Barbara Warner Says:

    Pam, I can’t imagine a world without them at all. What is happening is so heartbreaking. I am 72 now and have been an advocate for around 20 years but now it is an all out war to destroy them IMO.
    I have 2 sweet and beautiful BLM mares I rescued from going to slaughter. They would like to be free.

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