Photo Of The Week – 10/27/11

October 27, 2011

Great Divide Basin (Wyoming) family – mare in the lead and another mare bringing up the rear with the Palomino-colored stallion in between.

Right now, there is another unnecessary removal of beautiful wild horses taking place in this Herd Management Area. Information about the daily activities during this roundup can be viewed here: Daily Gather Reports.

Wild horse prints, DVDs, totes, calendars, cards and more:

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7 Responses to “Photo Of The Week – 10/27/11”

  1. Jim Westin Says:

    Beautiful as always, Pam….poetry in motion. It’s mind numbing to think of them disappearing in my life time 😦

  2. Susan Emory Says:

    Totally agree with Jim …

  3. pnickoles Says:

    I can’t imagine the landscapes without the horses… 😦

  4. Silver Fang Says:

    Instead of wild horses, imagine beef cattle as far as the eye can see, grazing and belching methane into the air, all so the ranchers can graze their fat kine on public lands and rake in a tidy profit from beef, which they split with the BLM.

    Or imagine oil derricks drilling into the earth, bleeding it dry, all so the big oil companies can sell oil.

    Welcome to the future of the USA, thanks to republicans!

  5. TerryW Says:

    Isn’t it obvious there’s just not enough ROOM out there for wild horses? What a crock. This is where my former mare came from, captured in August of 2000.

  6. Maggie Frazier Says:

    Another example of our natural resources being pushed aside for more profit – gas & oil drilling, pipelines and the cattle lobby.
    How long can we continue to destroy our country before its too late to fix it?
    Seems to me what is done to these horses – taking away their freedom & in many cases, killing them – tells us what kind of human beings we are.
    Just hope there are enough of us who care about them to stop them from being wiped out.
    Thank you, Pam, for making them real for so many of us who dont have the opportunity to actually see them.

  7. Pam I love your photographs. Just had to share with my friends on Facebook. 🙂 Thank you for sharing.

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