Photo Of The Week – 10/18/11

October 19, 2011

Pryor Mountains HMA in Montana – this is the Bighorn Canyon area. These two took me on quite a hike down and around a canyon for this photo. What a drop…and what a view. It’s amazing to watch these horses navigate the steep ridges and canyons just as naturally as the area’s namesake, the bighorn sheep.

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6 Responses to “Photo Of The Week – 10/18/11”

  1. Awesome photo of Waif & Corona, Pam!

  2. Shelva Wood Says:

    Simply Awesome, love the location, horses are so awesome. Again thanks for allowing me to come along on these journeys of yours.

  3. arlene Says:

    Awesome Pam, Horses always amaze us, in fact they are amazing in many aspects…………….. They worth cannot be denied !!!! I love your photos……………. They are an inspiration !!!! To me there is nothing more beautiful than a Mustang that is free to roam he has more then earned his freedom, and they will remain free………..If we have anything to do with it…………….. There are just some things that must remain and freedom for the Mustang must be a given !!!!!

  4. Margaret Says:

    Pam thank you for showing horses from the Pryors. The several days between the 20-23 are the toughest for me for the whole year. My parents died in separate years on two of these days. Seeing horses that I went to see special because of Cloud–makes this time a little easier.

  5. pnickoles Says:

    Thanks everyone for your comments and to The Cloud Foundation for identifying the mare and stallion in the photo. 🙂

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