Photo Of The Week; A Tribute – 7/27/11

July 28, 2011

This week’s post is in tribute to some of our wild ones recently lost…they live on in our memories and photos.

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The band stallion Admiral from the Bighorn Canyon area of the Pryor Mountains.

Climbs High (aka Kapitan), Admiral's son as a foal (2010)

Admiral and his yearling son Climbs High/Kapitan were hit and killed in the Bighorn Canyon area of the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range on July 24th. (Details can be found at the following links: The Cloud Foundation and Pryor Wild Blog)

Admiral sparring with Starbuck

Family portrait

The big, dark stallion and his son will be missed by many.

Spring Creek Basin HMA also suffered the loss of a beloved young stallion. TJ Holmes has a touching post to Twister that can be read here:

A shy, young Twister (2nd from left) in 2008.

Keeping all our wild ones (those lost, those still free and those currently losing their freedom) in our thoughts and hearts.

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14 Responses to “Photo Of The Week; A Tribute – 7/27/11”

  1. arlene Says:

    Tears of sadness stream down my face for every Mustang that has been killed or maimed needlessly , each one embedded in my memory from the magnificent photos that you have taken of them….. each one of them as individual as we ourselves our,each one depending on thert caretakers, each one with Beauty and something special to give, each one belongs here to live Free on the Range , protected and preserved by Law…….If only the Law applied to everyone these Beauties would still be here completing and living their rightful exsistance….. in the Freedom that was designated for them……… I am saddened that the Laws that are in place for them are not being upheld …………….. Thank You Pam, for your awesome photos of them………

  2. Shelva Wood Says:

    Thank you so very much for the photos, they are even more beautiful than I thought. Why can this not be stopped??? My heart is just bleeding still. I would hope & pray they find peace & happiness now, at least they will never have to be rounded up or sent to slaughter. The lord does work in mysterious ways!

  3. Margaret Says:

    Pam I was at Rock Springs over the weekend. Alas not one horse on the scenic loop…

    To come home to this was very sad. Then I unwrapped these two model moose I got in WY and then there decided to call them Admiral and Climbs High.

    It won’t bring them back but for me their memory lives on in both my moose because every time I look at them it reminds me of WY, my sister, the horses and Admiral and his son.

  4. Katrine Pett Says:

    Blessings and gratitude to both these beautiful horses- thankyou for the lovely photos Pam.

  5. Linda H Says:

    Thank you for your beautiful tribute to Admiral and Climbs High Pam. It was so reassuring to see Admiral take over his father’s post last summer–and to see that cute little colt. There’s a huge hole in the Dryhead bands.

  6. Beanblossom Says:

    Pam, my family and I were visiting and saw the horrific accident scene. We traveled all the from Panama City, Fl to view the wild horses. This tragedy teaches us these horses are sacred. Thanks for the pictures. They are helping us heal.

  7. Lethie Lanham Says:

    Thank you posting these photos as a tribute to them. Beautiful horses that words just don’t do them justice. I hope and pray that someone will step up and help end the brutal roundups. Thank you sharing your photos with the world and the work you do to try to help them.

  8. Cathy Bryarly Says:

    Thank you for the beautiful photos, Pam. We drove on that stretch of highway on the 19th and I got a creepy feeling- and after just having lost my two domestic “boys” to an inattentive driver here at home last October- my heart breaks again. Rest in peace Admiral and Climbs High, you will not be forgotten.

  9. TJ Says:

    Thank you, Pam … it hurts beyond belief to lose any of them … especially the way of Admiral and Kapitan …

  10. Heather Says:

    As always your images forever stay etched in my mind..from the first time I saw them to now. Thanks for all you do documenting them, for now I live my dream of seeing these wonderful animals through your imagery.

    Heather L

  11. Maggie Frazier Says:

    Thanks for the pictures – Hate to think of them being killed
    and by some careless jerk!
    We dont have any wild horses here, but we do have deer who live around us. And we lost one of our favorites last week – hit by a car. She was a special one – would curl up & nap next
    to our garage! Now only 2 “regulars” left – these does have
    been around for 6 or 8 years. There are others of course, but
    not like these.
    I’m sure there are people who look at them as nuisances – sort of like the horses out west. They arent!!!
    Keep up the good work – I can live vicariously thru your posts & pictures.

  12. A beautiful Tribute Pam. Thank you.
    may these great horses live forever in our hearts.

  13. It’s August 14th. I just saw your photos for the first time and am so saddened at the loss of this magnificent stallion and his son. Admiral had a commanding presence. I can easily see this from your photos.And actually I have a horse, Rodrigo, that I thought of immediately as I looked over these pictures. Rodrigo was a mustang. He no longer runs free but is part of the small band of horses I say still own me. I love the mustang horse whether wild or in captivity. These horses face life straight on and from the heart which could hopefully teach us humans a lot if we could just see.

  14. Karen McLain Says:

    Such a loss of beauty and life. Thank you for the photos Pam.

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