Photo Of The Week – 7/22/11

July 23, 2011

Sleek bay stallion in evening light. Little Book Cliffs HMA, Colorado.

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14 Responses to “Photo Of The Week – 7/22/11”

  1. Poor Ginger Says:

    Thanks, Pam. Another stunning boy! If I remember correctly, Little Book Cliffs has been so successful with their population management program (IMO, chiefly due to volunteer participation), that this year’s roundup was canceled.

  2. Katrine Pett Says:

    What a Horse!- thankyou Pam.

  3. Maggie Frazier Says:

    Seems if one HMA can be managed successfully, that the others could be too, right? This appears to tell us that the volunteer participation – rather than BLM complete control would be the way to go.
    Thanks, poor Ginger – we dont hear too much good news, do we?

  4. Debbie Says:

    Oh, he’s so beautiful.

  5. bev Says:

    We love your photos, let’s share the message to keep the mustangs wild…

  6. Karen Says:

    beautiful horse….

  7. Lethie Lanham Says:

    Love that deep dark coloring. Very sleek indeed. Thanks for posting.

  8. Shelva Wood Says:

    Dear Pam: You’ll never know how very much I admire you & all the work you do for OUR horses…Your photos are amazing, & I really look forward for more!!!! Keep up all the wonderful work you do!!!!

  9. arlene Says:

    Thank you Pam, Isnt amazing how very healthy and beautiful they look free om the range , this and this alone makes their Freedom absolutely essential……. Proving without a shadow of a doubt , whatsoever!!! that on the range they truly belong !!!!and should stay!!!!!!

  10. Craig Downer Says:

    Magnificent horse and deserves to live free!

  11. cssssswv Says:

    poor Ginger, what do you mean “by volunteer participation”?

  12. Poor Ginger Says:

    Cssssswv (I hope I got that right!), Little Book Cliffs was on the Gather Schedule for this year. Thankfully, it was called off because of the successful Annual PZP (NOT PZP-22!)fertility control program.

    If I remember correctly, a number of volunteers from Friends of the Mustangs (FOM) in Grand Junction either help with the darting or do it themselves, with certification from the BLM. You have to be trained to dart, and it has to be done at the correct time of year to get the desired result.

    I think they also raise money to offset the cost of materials. I think they also go out on horseback and do an on-the-ground annual census.

    This is the Press Release about why the roundup was cancelled:

    The PR talks about another roundup in 2012. If the efforts of FOM continue to be successful, natural attrition will, hopefully, stabilize the population below high AML, and there will be a another postponment. IMHO, this is how WH & B management should be done!

  13. Connie Stone Says:

    Thank You so very much! for your rapid
    & information-filled response 🙂
    Yes, I agree: since it appears that @least Some measure of
    Wild Herd growth management must be done;
    This seems to be the ONLY truly feasible
    & intelligent method {just Imagine–BLM?? feasible, intelligent,
    Herd management–all in the SAME sentence!!}
    This welcome NEWS also means that:
    1) Similar efforts Can & Should be immediately
    Planned & implemented for Every HMA/HA/FS-illegally-excluded-Herd in the U.S.!
    2) This not Only allows for population mgmt,
    but Also for Intelligent Choices to be made as to
    Which Mares should be darted in any year (4 poor health,
    a small-4-age yearling foal (who can benefit from
    More Mom’s attention), over-representation, allowing a
    ‘At-risk’ genetic-line to regain strength, increased
    Stability of a small Band–which may have experienced a greater foal loss &/or
    Mare-infertility, —all sorts of Appropriate reasons!
    3) Detailed Report of method, #s, successes, results:
    MUST be sent to every Lawyer with upcoming hearings against
    BLM mismanagement 4 use in Court! (+ 2 those who had
    Unsuccessful hearings, too!)
    4) The HUMANS on-the-ground, who Know the
    Herds & individual Horses or Bands or Herd characteristics or
    Probable upcoming risks—can Actually be
    Ones to contribute the MOST to the stability of
    Each herd!…key word = Intelligent Human…

    5) Will & Is benefiting both the Wild
    Herds, the breed’s future, AND the people who
    Love & follow & advocate for them!

    6) Either force BLM to hire such humans &/or make USE of the
    Methods [sic] OR could potentially force
    BLM—OUT of the mis-management business altogether! 😉
    7) Exciting & Best FEASIBLE News, we’ve heard–in a long long time!
    Let’s get rolling with this!!

  14. i’ve never seen horses built quite like the mustangs. what our Creator intended.

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