Photo Of The Week – 6/16/11

June 17, 2011

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An adorable Mustang colt from the White Mountain HMA in Wyoming. If the current Record of Decision stands for the White Mountain and Little Colorado HMA’s, seeing young ones like this on these ranges will be all but a memory.

The BLM has chosen Alternative D. Spay the mares and geld the stallions to create non-producing wild horse herds. I just can’t wrap my head around it. And doing it in the field?! Beyond dangerous and inhumane. Please share the information, make the calls and send the e-mails. This is truly a disastrous plan for our wild ones.

The BLM’s Record of Decision from the Rock Springs, Wyoming field office regarding the White Mountain and Little Colorado HMA’s can be read here:

Details and contact information (courtesy of Carol Walker) to voice your concerns and/or attend the planned meeting (a statewide hearing on the use of helicopters and motorized vehicles in the management of wild horses on June 21 at 5:30 at the BLM office in Rock Springs):

Wyoming State Wild Horse Specialist Amy Ruhs, 307-352-0375,

Rock Springs Wild Horse Specialist Jay D’Ewart, 307-352-0331

High Desert District Manager: John Ruhs, 307-352-0256

Wyoming State Director: Don Simpson, 307-775-6256.

And don’t forget about your elected officials! Let them hear from you as well. Contact information below:

The Environmental Assessment (EA) can be read in its entirety here:

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15 Responses to “Photo Of The Week – 6/16/11”

  1. Lori Schmidt Says:

    Such a beautiful little guy!! I am totally astounded by the BLM’s decision about the horses in this area, are these people actually serious, what a bunch of idiots, praying that we can get this stopped. They are not happy with killing them rounding them up and in LTH and STH and by complications from gelding the stallions, now they want to spay the mares, totally ludicrous!!!!! Morons every single one of them! How on earth can this honestly be “FOR THE GOOD OF THE HORSES?” Nothing they have done thus far has enhanced or improved the lives of any of the 40 thousand horses still in holding pens.

  2. sick..beyond sick
    and WHY the hell..with celebrities..and all the protest..does this plight fall on deaf ears with the government ?
    what is the bottom line??? beef ranchers ?
    so sad
    Mary Ann

  3. Barbara Warner Says:

    It is so outrageous it’s hard to believe but anything evil is possible with the BLM so I shouldn’t be surprised. They are determined to cause the extinction of this native species.

  4. Gerri Kier Says:

    BEAUTIFUL photo Pam! WOW…great looking colt! Thanks for the post!

  5. Gerri Kier Says:

    I will spread the word about the happenings with the herd…so VERY sad!

  6. susan Says:

    What good is the BLM if they insist on the extinction of these wild horses? From what I have seen and heard from them and they way they do their roundups are just horrible. All they are doing is scaring and hurting these beautiful animals and in some cases killing them.

  7. Deby Says:

    This administration will NEVER LISTEN and ACT UPON ANYTHING WE THE PEOPLE SAY OR WANT! Every action taken so far PROVES THAT!! Every time there was an attempt to halt a roundup, some BOUGHT ANDPAID FOR JUDGE OVER-RULED IT!!! WE THE PEOPLE will NOT be listened to and this NEW directive PROVES THAT!!! GELD AND SPAY IN THE FIELD??? WHAT THE HELL FOR???? There aren’t that many horses LEFT!?!?!? Oh, right, PER BLM’S PROFESSIONALS ATTITUDE—and what WE THE PEOPLE couldn’t POSSIBLY know… is– horses breed like rabbits and will DESTROY their range within the next 5 years if left unchecked!!! SERIOUSLY??? This use of numbers is MY take on the BULL S#*t they spew and the numbers they toss around to “prove” their point. For them to come up with this new “solution” is beyond belief!! First, that anyone could be so damn STUPID to come up with it in the first place as a solution for ANYTHING BUT TOTAL ELIMINATION, and second for the whole bunch of itdiots to follow suit like sheep!!!! I’m sure that if ANYONE in that job were to oppose what they are doing, would be their last day on the job. Musn’t rock the boat…and for all of the emails we send, the petitions signed and sent to them, all are ignored if they do not agree wih BLM’s ideas…so every letter or email or petition sent by ranchers, big businesses, oil drillers, gas drillers etc, will be the only ones used to show how in agreement others outside BLM are with them. I’m afraid, since our Congress doesn’t give a damn, and nobody in any office has time for horses, that this will be the end of the mustang as a free and symbol of our forefathers and history of settling this nation. What NEEDS to happen BUT for OBVIOUS reasons WON’T, is the REMOVAL OF THE BLM from handling OUR HORSES ANY LONGER!!! Without the meddling of this inept organization and ANTI-MUSTANG people, the horses would be just fine, like the antelope are and the bufflao are in Yellowstone. I seriously worry about this time that we are dealing with, and the future of our mustangs…BLM will not rest until they are either completely removed from OUR LANDS, or incapable of reproducing while ON those lands and will eventually die out….THIS IS HEADED FOR TOTAL DESTRUCTION… EXTINCTION OF OUR WILD HORSES FOLKS….AND ONCE THEY ARE GONE, THEY ARE GONE FOREVER!!! THEN and ONLY THEN, will BLM be satisfied.

  8. Barbara Warner Says:

    Deby, please send your comments to Letters to Editors. Americans need to know.

  9. Poor Ginger Says:

    I think this is all about energy from oil shale, not just here, but on other HMAs sitting atop the Green River Formation That includes EVERY HMA in Southwest and South Central Wyoming!

    “The western US deposits of the Green River Formation in Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah, are among the richest oil shale deposits in the world [and contains 1.5 trillion barrels].”

    Obama recently instructed Salazar to release 1.8 million acres in Colorado, WYOMING, and Utah for new permits, when the companies aren’t developing a large percentage of the permits they already have. They’re just stittng on them, waiting for prices to rise so it will be economically feasable to drill! This is a BIG argument environmentalists are using in an attempt to stop or slow permitting and save our public lands.

    Wild horses are inconvenient, dangerous and expensive for energy companies, because they often have to put up fences along access roads and installations to protect their drivers from collisions and their equipment from damage. And heaven forbid the drivers might have to slow down!

    It takes THREE barrels of water for ONE barrel of oil extracted from shale, and the effluent is polluted! Another argument being used by environmentalists.

    IMO, the BLM will keep just enough wild horses on these HMAs to satisfy the low AML. And the threat was made that, if they exceed that number, HMAs may be eliminated.

    There are currently efforts underway to stop this MADNESS before it takes hold across the entire West. Please support them in any and every way you can!

  10. TJ Says:

    Handsome colt … utterly ridiculous plan. Thanks for the contact info. Unable to comprehend how this could possibly be considered rational or in line with the 1971 act.

  11. […] Pam Nickoles has information on her blog with this post. […]

  12. equus5 Says:

    Alternative D — Salazoos in the West.

  13. Roxanne Worobetz Says:

    Pam’s photographs are excellent – and following the wild horse blogs is inspiring. Can anyone tell me how to reach Nancy Roberts of the Sand Wash Basin blog|? as permission is required from her to look at that blog. I would very much appreciate an email address. Thanks! My email is

  14. Amy Says:

    Politicians are idiots!!!

  15. Lethie Says:

    I’m send emails, writing letters, contacting television news stations, anyone who will listen. I hope my efforts will not fall on deaf ears. I encourage each of you to do the same.

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