Wild Horse Shirt Design

May 22, 2011

At the suggestion of many folks and facilitated by several rainy days, I’ve designed what I hope is a thought-provoking image to help promote awareness of the wild horse situation. Now available on t-shirts and sweatshirts through my website: Pam Nickoles Photography

Donations will benefit the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign (a coalition of many organizations I support) and The Cloud Foundation. I will also make the shirts available to other deserving foundations, rescues, sanctuaries, etc. as part of their fundraising efforts. Full details are listed in the product descriptions on my website. Shipping is available worldwide.

To those of you that order shirts, I’d love to see photos of you wearing them. Please feel free to share your images by e-mailing them to me at: info@NickolesPhotography.com

I may feature them on my website, Facebook page or on this Blog, so be sure you grant permission to do so when you e-mail. Let’s make this more interesting – I’ll feature a Blog post with photos I receive along with any stories of conversations initiated or questions asked, etc. while wearing your shirt. It’s intended purpose. Anything you’d like to share, I’d love to hear.

For our wild horses…

In white. (The copyright will not be printed on the actual shirt)

In black. (The copyright will not be printed on the actual shirt)

I will be adding more designs, eventually creating a collection to choose from.

Orders can be placed here: http://www.nickolesphotography.com/p1070051135//

Click on the images for larger/sharper views.

Photos are for viewing purposes only. Images are copyright protected and owned solely by Pam Nickoles Photography. No reproduction or downloading permitted. Feel free to share the story/link, but please respect my copyright.

Wild horse prints, DVDs, totes, cards, apparel and more: www.NickolesPhotography.com

9 Responses to “Wild Horse Shirt Design”



  2. TJ Says:

    Super idea. Can’t wait to see the “after” stories.

  3. Debra Murphy Says:

    Thank You Pam! I’ve Now Subscribed To Your Website Via Email, Rather Than Facebook,LOL! Love All Your Wonderful Pictures Of Your Animals & Horses In Their True Nature! Superb! Kudos To You! ❤

  4. Tess Says:

    i’m glad you’ve made them, i hope they do make people stop and think.

  5. Maggie Frazier Says:

    Great idea – it will help to get the wild ones
    out there.

  6. Dr. Bill and Pat Rice Says:

    Super Idea! And a great selection of ‘characters’, too! Not sure when we’ll be out, but will have to get a couple of those for our Meaningful Tee collection! Have you and Tom had any time with David? He is really enjoying your Mom’s company and appreciates the chance to display his cuisineart and add to his operatic knowledge. Love to all – Bill and Pat

  7. Rene Says:

    Love it, Pam! I can see lots of possibilities for future designs.

  8. pnickoles Says:

    Thanks Rene – I appreciate your support as always. 🙂

  9. pnickoles Says:

    Thanks Bill – I appreciate your support of course. 🙂 I guess we’ll be seeing David at a planned dinner soon. Will be good to see him. Oh and yes, Mom has been enjoying his company too! 🙂 Hi to Pat!

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