Photo Of The Week – 05/11/11

May 11, 2011

I love this dapple gray Adobe Town stallion. I’ve seen him a couple of times now. It’s my hope he made it through the roundup and is still out there. I’ll be looking for you handsome boy…

Click on the image for a larger/sharper view.

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9 Responses to “Photo Of The Week – 05/11/11”

  1. He Is beautiful Pam! Me to wish he is still a free stallion out there. Thinking of these horses and burrows every day…wish for a better situation for them all. Thanks for sharing – as always. //Marie

  2. Puller Lanigan Says:

    Did he run with a buckskin mare? He is gorgeous?

  3. arlene Says:

    He is awesome hoping he is free, nature really is wonderful isnt she, she creates such beauty !!!! Thank you Pam…………..

  4. Shelva Wood Says:

    So beautiful, so majastic, what else can be said about this unbelievable creature!!! Thanks Pamela for again sharing.

  5. Linda Says:

    Pam, if you see him tell him he can come to my place and hide out any time he wants..and bring his friends too. I’ll hide them till the danger passes. Or someone puts Abbey and $ala$ar out of our misery!!

  6. vancellen Says:

    Bred my mare and got a gray QH. Love their color. Always bet on the gray during a race too.

  7. Linda Horn Says:

    Handsome boy! Hope you’ll see him again.

    Linda, where are you located and would your offer be open for others (SA) later this year? I have a specific reason for asking. If you’re interested, I’ll put up my email address.

  8. Deby Zimmerman Says:

    A very stunning stallion…beautiful shot, as usual Pam. Thank you so much for sharing. Prayers continue that there will be no more roundups and those still there be allowed to remain!!

  9. Maggie Frazier Says:

    Beautiful boy – Hope hes ok.

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