Photo Of The Week – 4/19/11

April 19, 2011


Family band in the Pryor Mountains of Montana.

Dedicated to the memory of a cherished family friend – Richard “Tom” Bonner. Forever in our hearts.

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25 Responses to “Photo Of The Week – 4/19/11”

  1. Dic Says:

    I do see the “pot of gold” at the end of the rainbow, beautiful wild and peaceful in their setting. Thanks

  2. WoooW Pam!!!! Speachless…So Beautiful:)Thank You for sharing:)

  3. Kim Michels Says:

    Beautiful image Pam. I love your photo blog 😀

  4. arlene Says:

    Complete serenity awesome and there is a rainbow for them, proving we can find it for them…….. Thank You Pam……………

  5. Tess Says:

    I’m in Gladstone, Queensland, Australia and I just love receiving your posts! I’ve had some experience with wild horses as a child on a nearby island but ‘your’ horses make me daydream constantly. I especially love the paints but they are all gorgeous and I hope they can remain happy and free. I’m afraid 1000’s our our wild horses are about to be culled in central Qld. Ours will be shot from helicopters and left to rot where they drop. It’s a cruel world…

  6. Sandy Says:

    Lucky you! Beautiful!

  7. georgeindenver Says:

    Ah, Pam, a wonderful tribute to Tom. Had no idea you had a connection to him, his family. I constantly marvel at your photography, your love for the critters…wild and (mostly) free. Thank you so much for this.

    George Seaton

  8. Karen Says:

    Pot-of-Gold indeed! Absolutely stunning Pam, how do you get such incredible shots?

  9. pnickoles Says:

    Thank you so much for your wonderful comments. This seemed like the perfect photo to honor a friend.

    George – Tom came into our lives back in 1967 and went through our ups and downs with us almost like another member of the family. He shared our graduations, marriages, holiday traditions, etc. was a wonderful friend and traveling companion for my Mom. We always worried less when Mom went overseas if Tom was with her. He will be missed very much. Guess it can be a pretty small world sometimes, huh? Will we see you tonight?

  10. Janet Carabello Says:

    Magnificent! Only wish I could see something like that first hand. But your photo(s) are “the next best thing to being there.”

  11. Martha G Says:

    Thank you , this is just the calm serene image I needed to start my day. What a lovely tribute to your friend.

  12. georgeindenver Says:

    Pam, although I’ve know Tom for twenty-seven years, it has been only in the last month or so that I’ve come to understand how many lives he touched, how many friends he had, how many precious memories so many cherish of this seemingly hard-nosed Irish SOB (he would smile with that characterization) that I, too, came to love as something of a brother, surely a mentor. I will try to make the rosary tonight…if my horse doesn’t dump me again. I posted some thoughts on my blog; a remembrance that is surely insignificant knowing now what I do of how far reaching Tom’s love, kindness, concern extended.

    God bless our Tom

    George Seaton

  13. celeste Says:

    Beautiful. Thank you.

  14. susan emory Says:

    This is a beautiful and toucing tribute to your friend, Pam. Thank you for sharing it ❤
    This gorgeous image you captured also symbolizes hope, freedom and peace for all the wild ones. May God bless you ❤ Sorry for your loss …

  15. TJ Says:

    Absolutely spectacular. This invokes so many feelings in me I don’t know where to start. Marvelous.

  16. Claire Metzler Says:

    Beautiful!!! The horse sanctuary that I volunteer at has a family band from the Pryor Mtns

  17. Katrine Pett Says:

    “So,so special thankyou Pam”

  18. Wow, look at those colors… Spectacular!

    Petra Christensen
    Parelli 2Star Junior Instructor
    Parelli Central

  19. Maggie Frazier Says:

    Beautiful – & there is a “pot of gold” right at
    the bottom!
    How sad that its not just her in USA that the wild ones arent appreciated – it must really hurt to think of them being slaughtered like that – culling indeed!

  20. Connie Stone Says:

    *Wow* Pam! Totally INCREDIBLE photo;
    Likely No artist could Imagine a ‘more
    Perfect’ scene to Paint; a more
    Meaningful sight to See !!!
    **I believe THIS IS the “picture” of
    the Inside–of all our Hearts !!!(of
    all striving/advocating/writing/witnessing
    /hoping/Dreaming for *the horses’
    Right to Freedom *) it
    ‘Says’All those things…& more…
    *please Submit it for the Equine photography
    Awards this year, in that vein described?
    –that, too would be a great Tribute
    to your friend!?
    Plus, I believe I’ve found My new
    ~Happy-Place~ 4 meditation !!
    **could You tell us which band this is?
    Is the Tall reddish horse–possibly
    Red Raven? W/his blue roan wives?
    (Just a ‘wild horse’ guess?)

  21. Connie Stone Says:

    On a LESS serene & dreamy note: How
    Many of You felt like..running 4 the
    RR, to lose your dinner-?–after
    Reading the comment from dear Tess,
    in Queensland, Australia ???!
    “..I hope they can remain happy & free.
    I’m afraid 1000′s of our wild horses
    are about to be culled in central Qld.
    Ours will be *shot from helicopters
    & left to rot* where they drop.
    It’s a cruel world…”
    ***Pam—would it be OK to TWEET
    Her statement ?? (Via Cloud or Your
    Blog..) Honestly, I am UnSure of
    HOW to do that!–to be sure
    Tweet will Link-back 2 this site ??
    Likely some of You &/or Pam—could
    Make that work correctly ???
    —please help ? —


    Looks like Tom is a rainbow angel now! Beautiful!

  23. Jim Westin Says:

    I am so sorry for the loss of a true friend. He must have had a beautiful soul to have touched so many, so profoundly. To unite his memory with that photograph is a fitting tribute and elevates them both….truly transcendent.

  24. pnickoles Says:

    Thanks for sharing your Blog post about Tom, George. It was a very nice tribute. Nothing insignificant about it. Tom will be missed by many.

    Connie – I’m not sure what band this is, but I could try to go through my files and figure it out. And yes, it is very sad about the Brumbies indeed.

    Thank you everyone for sharing your comments and thoughts.

    This photo will always be very special to me now.

  25. Remarkable photo, thanks for sharing these with us Pam.

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