Photo Of The Week – 3/16/11

March 16, 2011

This is the stallion Lightning from Sand Wash Basin, CO. He was kept busy chasing off other stallions as he tried to maintain his band last spring (which he later lost).

(Click on the image for a larger/sharper view)

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Wild horse prints:

14 Responses to “Photo Of The Week – 3/16/11”

  1. Such a nice looking stud, too bad he lost his girls.

    Our Horse Photos Share is back with a new linky part at

  2. Lu Says:

    hey Handsome!
    hi Pam, i hope Lightning has a new band now, and that his family was not lost in a “alien” round up, but to his peers…
    thank you for sharing!
    (nickers Lightning!)
    Lu xxx

  3. arlene orlando Says:

    He is awesome Pam Thank You !!! for sharing his beauty with us……………. I am hoping he found and has another band now…………….

  4. Janine Says:

    Wow, what a pretty animal! I hope the humans never round him up!

  5. Beautiful…it’s hard looking at these wild horses…not knowing if they still are wild and free…I hope he is and that he has a new family…

  6. Wonderful shot of Lightning!! =0)

  7. Kimme Isaiah Black Says:

    Pam: I have been enjoying your photo of the weeks for months now. I would like to have almost every one! Do you have a book? Thanks dear!

  8. Shelva Wood Says:

    Pamela: Your photos are simply amazing!!!! Thanks so very much for sharing them with us. Makes me what to be there helping if possible.. You are so lucky to be able to do what you do, Keep up all the wonderful work!!!!!

  9. Katrine Pett Says:

    Unusual horse-thankyou Pam!

  10. Roxy Says:

    Oh, he is so beautiful! But so sad to hear he lost his band – maybe he got them back or a new family by now.

  11. Cat Kindsfather Says:

    Stunning horse, fantastic blaze he has! Sad he lost his band. Thank you for sharing these images.

  12. Puller Lanigan Says:

    His blaze looks like a Phoenix rising. Let’s hope that is his future.

  13. arlene Says:

    Beautifully marked stud hope he finds family soon

  14. pnickoles Says:

    Falling behind on my responses again. Truly, I appreciate you all taking the time to comment and I apologize for being tardy with mine.

    Lightning lost his family to another stallion and wasn’t seen for quite a while. He’s back though but I haven’t heard whether or not he’s regained any family members.

    Hi Kimme and thank you for letting me know you enjoy the posts. No, I don’t have a book…yet, but it’s been suggested to me many times so I may look into it as a future project.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts – all of you! 🙂

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