Photo Of The Week – 12/7/10

December 8, 2010

Pryor Mountain wild horse play. 🙂

(Click on the image for a larger/sharper view)

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13 Responses to “Photo Of The Week – 12/7/10”

  1. Brandi Turner Says:

    Pam that is the most beautiful picture I have seen in a very long time. The splash coming up around his leg MY MY MY.

  2. deborah hurley Says:

    stopped me in my tracks! what an amazing photo i love it!

  3. Katherine Says:

    Do you package any of your pictures for cards, calendars etc.?

  4. Jim Westin Says:

    AMAZING!!! When….where….? I knew I should have stayed in Golden.

  5. Morgan Griffith Says:

    I’ve never seen a photo anything like this. You captured the moment just right.

  6. Susan Emory Says:

    He was certainly having fun in that water, wasn’t he? Great capture, nice treatment. Love it ❤

  7. Judith Hamilton-Schultze Says:

    So beautiful Pam. Just so natural. Thank you.

  8. Puller Lanigan Says:

    Sigh, when life was fun….thanks for the beautiful photo(s)!!!

  9. Karen Says:

    Great action and light contrast Pam!

  10. arlene orlando Says:

    This is the Most beautiful photo to date !!! Pam you are awesome, you here have captured the Innocent beautiful site of Pure essence of Freedom………What an inspiration he is in all of his Glory !!!! It takes my breathe away !!!!! Thank You

  11. pnickoles Says:

    Thanks Brandi – he was having a good time.

    Hi Katherine – I do offer prints, cards, mugs and puzzles on my website: Thanks for your interest! 🙂

    Hi Jim! How are you doing?! This was taken this summer up at the Pryors in Montana. You need to go there…or meet us there sometime. 🙂

  12. pnickoles Says:

    Thanks Morgan, Susan, Judith, Puller and Karen. So glad you think this is the best to date Arlene. I appreciate your feedback very much.

  13. arlene orlando Says:

    Thank You Pam I say it as i see and feel it !!

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