Canon City, CO BLM adoption 12/3/10

December 5, 2010

Tom and I spent yesterday down at the Canon City, CO BLM facility. There are many, many beautiful horses there that need homes. I have posted an album of some of them on my Facebook page (“Pam Nickoles Photography“). If you see any in this album that may be of interest to you, (I fell in love a hundred times over) the next adoption day is December 17th (you’ll need prior approval to attend – (719) 269-8539). Horses with red tags are Colorado (Piceance Creek HMA) and the blue tags are Wyoming horses (Salt Wells and Adobe Town – mixed). E-mail or message me if you’d like me to try to get the tag numbers for you on any of these horses. I can also pass along an e-mail address for the person to contact down at BLM. Please feel free to share. I’d love to see these beauties in some loving homes. Thanks!

8 Responses to “Canon City, CO BLM adoption 12/3/10”

  1. barbara conner Says:

    what infor can u get on picture #15 CarolWalkerAdobeTown-15 and thr baby #135 CarolWalkerAdobeTown-135
    sex,, forth. also what are the fees this time

    thanks barbpurple

  2. barbara conner Says:

    there are some good looking horese there

  3. I have adopted yrs ago two from the track.. best thing we ever did.. they are our babies part of the family…
    love horses for the rest of my ife.. my daughter tooo.. is 8 going on 9 always wanted a pony of her own.. not too crazy or too high for her but nice , clm and kind,,
    love to adopt another one if we could..
    pls let me know more info thankyou..
    warmest regards.. victoria merry christmas.. and love to all those animals ,kids and hope these animals get good homes..

  4. Great pic’s,I just wish I could come get them all.If I could get there I would turn them all back lose.Then the BLM would have to round them up all over again.No I wouldn’t do that because they don’t care how many get hurt in the round ups.

  5. leo Says:

    hope all these animals find a good home , like 3 weeks ago i saw 2 big trucks on the interstate heading towards mexico … full of wild horses! i believe so, they didn’t seem tamed, and since they still slaughter horses in mexico… i was just wondering.

  6. Sherri Smith Evers Says:

    I live in South Jersey are state animal is the horse . We have the most horse in any other state. Just do not understand why they are doing this ? there is so much open land and they want to take away from them. It is just so sad.

  7. pnickoles Says:

    Barbara – I’m going to pass along your inquiry to Carol. 🙂

  8. pnickoles Says:

    Hi Victoria and thank you for adopting off-the-track horses. We fostered one this summer and he was an amazing individual. Lucky horses. 🙂

    Thanks John. I hope at least some of them will find homes.

    That is an awful observation Leo. I hate to hear of any horses (wild or domestic) on a slaughter-bound truck. Makes my heart sick. 😦

    It is a very sad situation Sherri.

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