Photo Of The Week – 4/21/10

April 21, 2010

The proud and handsome stallion I call Nub Ear from the Fifteen Mile HMA. I was privileged enough to find and photograph this boy and his family on 3 separate visits. In October, 2009, the BLM removed 378 horses from this HMA. Was Nub Ear among them? I may never know.

I hope to get out to that range sometime this summer, but it is vast, very remote and the horses, (even prior to the roundup) were very skittish. It will certainly be a day of celebration if this gorgeous stallion happens to find his way into my viewfinder again – and I’ll be sure to share the good news.

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6 Responses to “Photo Of The Week – 4/21/10”

  1. Pam, A task has been given to you to record the passing of many fine individuals. I do hope you see him again out there in the land that is his. It brings sadness to my heart when I realize the senselessness of the methods and the dislocated decisions passed down from arrogant suits to a program that could and should have been enjoyed by all. mar

  2. Jerry Says:

    Pam, I happened to come across your previous photos of this horse and some of his band and it got me interested in trying to find him too. I live about 15 miles east of the beginning of their range so I intend to do some searching for him and of course others. Did you find this band by going off the Wyo. 431 hwy or the 120 hwy south of Meeteetse, Wyo.? The land scape in the photos look familiar to me. If I happen to come across Nub Ear I will let you know how he is doing. Who knows, maybe we will run across each other someday out there. These horses used to range all the way over to the highway near Worland, but the BLM sort of fenced them off and to the west of us a ways. I once helped a mare who got caught in the highway right away and was really cutup on her chest and front legs from trying to get through the barbed wire fence. Finally, found a gate that I opened and then guided her towards it. She really took off once she went through the gate. Anyway, maybe I can find out if your star of these pics if still out there and let you know. …Jerry…

  3. Lynn Bauer Says:

    Hi Pam –
    You never know ’bout things and ’bout these guys. We both pray he’s OK wherever he is. If we’re able to get out that way again late this summer or into the fall, we’ll defintely look for him! Your portrait is stunning, so we’ll have no trouble in IDing him!!
    Good Luck and Stay Safe!
    Lynn and Kathy

  4. TJ Says:

    I was thinking about Nub Ear … wondered if you’d been able to get out and look for … and find him. Hope he’s still out there … somewhere …

  5. pnickoles Says:

    Hey Mar – I don’t want to be just documenting something that “was.” I always want the wild horses to be here for everyone to enjoy. We must keep up our work to see that they are.

    Jerry – I’ve sent you a private e-mail. I look forward to talking with you about the Fifteen Mile HMA.

    Thanks Lynn and Kathy!

    Hey TJ – I so hope he’s still out there. I wish the HMA’s were closer so I could get out more frequently. I’d really like to see how all the horses are doing. Love all your new posts. Can’t wait to see more “baby” updates. 🙂

  6. Oh this is a great shot of a beautiful free spirit.May God intervien to save them one and all and the sweet little Wild Burros too.Heart breaking in mt thoughts and your photos are so inspiring.

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