Buffalo Bill’s Birthday Party

February 28, 2010

Through my participation in the wild horse preservation efforts, I’ve met some really nice, interesting folks. Gary Myers from northern Colorado had contacted me via e-mail about locations of wild horse herds and advice in going out to see them. We corresponded and eventually met at the Estes Park Wild Horse Roundup Rally/Protest a few weeks ago. What a nice guy and so easy to be around. He’s really just digging into the wild horse issue, but it’s with both feet and we welcome him.

Spending a day holding banners allowed Gary, Tom and I to learn a little bit more about each other. Gary is involved in historical reenactments – a type of roleplay in which participants attempt to recreate some aspects of a historical event or period. This includes dressing the part. While telling us a little about it, he mentioned that he would be in our area very soon for Buffalo Bill’s Birthday Party to be held at the Buffalo Rose in historic downtown Golden. I made a note of the date so we could meet him there.

Wow, when Tom and I walked into the Buffalo Rose, we stepped into the past. The “costumes” were amazing and everyone looked like they were having such a good time. Abe Lincoln mentioned to my husband that he better keep an eye on me, “there are some real characters in here.” HA!

There was music, food, displays and a costume contest (best dress was won by Deborah Vargas who had come all the way from Wyoming with her husband to join Gary and his wife Yvonne at the party). Tom and I felt kind of out of place without the proper attire! And, not knowing exactly what to expect, I had arrived sans a camera. Shameful. However, Gary and the Vargas’ had theirs, so I still had an opportunity to photograph. Below are some of those images.

Gary and Yvonne - I love her dress!

My personal favorite

Towards the conclusion of the party, all of the participants went outside in front of the building and had a portrait taken. Traffic was halted for a bit while the group photos were taken.

To Gary's right is Yvonne. To his left is Ms. Vargas (in the black dress) who won the costume contest in her category.

This was fun Gary and Yvonne. Thanks for the invite – it’s interesting to find out what some of our wild horse advocates enjoy doing in their “regular” lives. 🙂

4 Responses to “Buffalo Bill’s Birthday Party”

  1. LoriProphoto Says:

    Oh how cool Pam, shame on you not taking your camera LOL, but so glad that you managed to get these photos anyway!!! Thanks so much for sharing it looks like they have a lot of fun doing this.

  2. Donnie Says:

    I always enjoy the re-enacting.A friend of mine is trying to rope me into some of that,which I want to,but am not quite sure about the checkbook and time.I always hate when I see a good photo opportunity,and my camrera is MIA.Got a new lens for my Nikon D60.The Tamron 18-270.Just perfect for those in-between situations when you need both wide angle and zoom.

  3. Next year you will be prepared… costumes and camera… mar

  4. Joey Westhead Says:

    This is a BLAST!
    It’s held during Golden’s Annual Buffalo Bill Day’s in Golden…
    (I don’t think I’ve missed ONE.. giving that I grew up here!)
    If you come, please let me know, I’d love to meet and catch up with you!

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