Happy Valentine’s Day – 2010

February 14, 2010

Wild horses from the Pryor Mountains of Montana.

(Photos are for viewing purposes only. Images are copyright protected and owned solely by Pam Nickoles Photography. No reproduction permitted. Feel free to share the link, not the images.)

7 Responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day – 2010”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Horsies have no feelings huh? Boy I think this pic proves that idea just went flying out the window to la la land.

    As Data would say (Star Trek TNG) horsies are sentient beings. Data always questioned his role in life. Was he computer? Was he more human? I think horsies fall into sentient beings. They help to groom each other. They huddle together in winter for warmth. The stallion protects his family from danger. The lead mare helps the family to go to water and food.

  2. Gabriele Moritz Says:

    Hello Pam,
    had a great time in the Sandwash Basin. Saw several low flying airplanes. Inquired at the BLM office. They are surveying. I do not know for what. Maybe they are trying to get a better count or they have future natural resource plans.
    Still over 6000 sheep on there, the annual grazing allottment should be only for certain months. Nancy Roberts has learned of a group of people that are interested in the mustangs and she is looking for more material to put up in places in Steamboat Springs, she thinks (and I agree) that the Steamboat tourists might be a good address for more advocacy for the Wild Horses.

  3. pnickoles Says:

    Margaret – one only has to spend some time in the wild herds to know that the horses have complex and very close bonds.

    Gabriele – so glad you got to meet and go out with Nancy to see the horses. Don’t like the low flying airplane observance however. Hmmm…

  4. TJ Says:

    Pam – you nailed it, with words and this touching photo. All you have to do is spend time with the wild ones to see their beauty and intricate and powerful bonds. These horses are amazing and so full of gifts for the souls of humankind. Happy V Day!

  5. Sandy Elmore Says:

    Beautiful! Thanks for posting twin!

  6. LoriProphoto Says:

    Lovely, thanks for posting, hope you had a great day Pam.

  7. Lynn Bauer Says:

    Thanks, Pam!! Would that we humans could do the same, express the same support and love for one another as the wild ones do. There is SO MUCH to be learned from them.. Great, great job!!

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