Roundup Protest – Boulder, CO 1/30/10

January 31, 2010

I can honestly say this was the first time I’ve ever stood up with a bunch of like-minded people on a quest to educate and enlighten more individuals on the plight of our wild horses in the form of a peaceful protest. At a time when I’ve felt increasingly helpless to stop the cruelty inflicted upon our American icons, this was something I could actually do. It was something I needed to do.

(Click on the image for a larger view)

At the corner of Broadway and Canyon in Boulder, CO

Our organizer - thanks for your efforts Cathy!

Wild horse loving greyhound Kula came all the way from Estes Park to stand with us!

Kula's friend Hilde is also on board.

Me and my Mom (who just went through a battle with cancer and is now in remission). I can't tell you what it meant to have her there with me, healthy again, sharing the love of our wild horses and joining in the fight to protect them.

My Mom - so cool to share this experience with her

Janet from Ft. Collins

My ever supportive hubby

Monika distributing information to an interested passer-by.

Linda and Kula with another interested person.

Our Mustang mascot (aka Gabriele)

There were some younger folks with colorful signs - I loved their enthusiasm and committment to the cause.

Strong supporter and advocate for our wild horses - Gabriele

Carol taking pictures from across the street

Linda, Kula, Mom and Tom

Kim - who has been out to see and photograph the wild horses for herself

Our young advocates

Me and Mom

Linda and my Mom

Thanks to Boulder Baked Cookies for dropping off freshly baked cookies to appreciative protesters!

These peaceful protests are popping up all over the country. Too many people are not even aware of what is happening to our incredible wild horses of the west. Please, if you feel there’s nothing you can do to stop what our horses are being subjected to, organize or attend a protest and spend some time with people who are as passionate about the horses as you are. It’s energizing and effective. The word is spreading. For the sake of our wild ones, let’s keep the momentum and pressure up while at the same time, creating more awareness and support. Many thanks to all of you that participated…

23 Responses to “Roundup Protest – Boulder, CO 1/30/10”

  1. lorischmidt Says:

    Fabulous photos Pam and all!!!!!

  2. AWESOME PROTEST !! Many thanks for the great pictures and to all who took part.

  3. Vicki Freiberger Says:

    My thought is: if the BLM wouldn’t have rounded up those horses, they would not have trickled down to be in the hands of someone like Jason Meduna.

  4. zumagirl Says:

    Thanks to all of you for being there and being the horses voice….. I was there in spirit each and every day letter writing and making phone calls trying to get Washington to listen…. We must keep the pressure on, every day call call call…..
    Thanks again for being on the front line.

  5. Janet Carabello Says:

    Great photos! Fun to be there and feel like I am helping the cause. Hope to do more…Fort Collins next!!!

  6. Pam, I am so glad to read your response to going and being with other people who want to save our wild ones. It was a great day for it. I am not very patient but as soon as I can I will do this also. What a wonderful group of people! Thank you all for being out there for the wild ones. You make me feel proud. Mar

  7. pnickoles Says:

    I appreciate everyone’s comments and thanks again to the supporters who were there and the many that wish they could’ve been. 🙂

  8. TJ Says:

    Awesome! I was thinking about you guys while I was stuck inside working! What a great group, and I was really encouraged to see the picture of the guy who stopped to find out more. Hated to read this morning about even more horses they’ve killed during the Calico roundup … Hats off to you, ladies and gentlemen! Thanks for standing up for our wild horses!

  9. Elyse Says:

    Thank you, Pam! And I spent my Saturday witnessing BLM round up more horses in the Calico complex in Nevada. Thanks to ALL for giving of time, talents, treasure, to help our horses. They can run, but they can’t lobby. They need us. Watching them run into the trap, every individual is precious, losing his and her freedom; weanlings never to feel mom’s touch again. The are INNOCENTS, and we will give them voices. Thanks for ALL you do. I was thrilled to hear El Mariachi’s victory in court. Love to you.
    Warmly, for our wild horses and their humble burro friends, Elyse

  10. Every time I see photos of our protests, I am honored to be in such good company. This week I will do more for these wonderful horses and burros we are their only hope. Lee

  11. Margaret Says:

    Forgive the intrusion. I did want to let people know that there will be a vigil Tues night. This is offline. It doesn’t matter what religion you are. A prayer, a thought for Courage (the horse that the BLM ran the feet off of–I named him that Fri night)and the rest of the wild horses. Light a candle. Whatever it is is fine. This will be from 5-7 pm West Coast Time. You don’t to vigil the whole two hours. Even a quick thought.

    I now return you back to Pam’s blog, which by the way looks like you had lots of interested folk!

  12. Sandy Elmore Says:

    Good job Boulder! Thanks Pam! : )

  13. mustangdreams... Cat Kindsfather Says:

    Hey Pam

    Great collection of protesting signs and people. Looking forward to our upcoming rally/protest in Carson City headed by WIld Horse Preservation. I am bringing my XSI Rebel and hope to get some great shots also!
    Just got word it is planned for February 20th, noon to 3 pm. I am on sign making detail. Sure hope all of our efforts can get the moratorium and investigations needed, pronto! Anyone interested in this event, please for now, contact their website for further information, or I will post a confirmation asap.

  14. mustangdreams... Cat Kindsfather Says:

    In reading your report on attending with like minds: I have noticed to my amazed horror, that many people are not aware what so ever of what is going on! Many are totally in the dark even about the roundups! Thanks to everyone who stood out in cold weather and gave up other life issues to educate the public and make the snowball grow! Keep up the fight!

  15. mustangdreams... Cat Kindsfather Says:

    Thank you Pam for Your Wonderful picutures, all of them!
    I am so happy to have connected with you through this networking. I loved your share of the story of El Mariachi and how your heart was always true to him. One of the few happy endings for a beautiful mustang stallion. I pray all of us can make a huge happy ending for them all.
    The world is a much better place because of you!
    God Bless You!

  16. sandra longley Says:

    A big group hug to all of you out in Colo.from Oregon! Keep up the good work! E-mail Harry Reid in Washington DC and ask for his help on the R.O.A.M. bill, thanks

  17. Lyn McCormick Says:

    Hi Pam, It turned out just great ! Could I post the photos on our Mustang Meetup Group website ?

    Tks, L.

  18. Bravo to all of you Brave Caring souls for protesting
    Let’s Pray this stops

    new motto

    we must go back to our moral heritage

  19. mustangdreams... Cat Kindsfather Says:

    Yes, Big huge hugs to all the wonderful wild horse advocates in Boulder!!! Thanks so much and great to se you all out there speaking for our beautiful horses! I heard a new one………..Salazar = Slaughter Czar.

    Is that mean????

  20. […] more wonderful photos of Boulder protest here on Pam Nickoles’ blog- check it […]

  21. floydday Says:

    Hi Pam,
    Thank you for sending the photos of the protest.
    I especially find the poster reading 156 cows per mustang…”Who’s overgrazing” to be right home!!!

  22. Fantastic! That’s all I can think of to say except a big THANK YOU! to Pam for these wonderful pictures and to ALL of you out there supporting our precious wild horses.

  23. jan mckeachern Says:

    Thanks Pam and Tom and all for such a heartwarming
    plight for the mustangs. Having been there and seen the mustangs makes me cringe for all the slaughter the BLM is doing. Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing!!

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