Photo Of The Week – 1/27/10

January 27, 2010

Two young bachelor stallions from Wild Horse Mesa in south western Colorado play fight with each other.

Rally to protest the roundups – Boulder, CO January 30th, 2009

(Photos are for viewing purposes only. Images are copyright protected and owned solely by Pam Nickoles Photography. No reproduction permitted. Feel free to share the link, not the images.)

6 Responses to “Photo Of The Week – 1/27/10”

  1. Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) Says:

    Wonderful photo Pam, I am signing off for the day with this wonderful image in my mind and hopefully for once I will have happy dreams. Thanks so much, hope you are feeling better. (((HUgs)))


  2. Lynn Bauer Says:

    Pam – Please see my post under earlier (?) photo…

  3. Pam, More Colorado Horses! Tell me about these? This is not part of Spring Creek… Do you mean the Melby area? mar

  4. pnickoles Says:

    Hope you had happy dreams Lori. 🙂

    Marilyn – yes, these guys are on the Melby Ranch property on top of the mesa. There are several bands up there. These 2 stallions were from separate bands, playing in between both. Horsey dynamics are so fun to watch. 🙂

  5. Great picture! I just love these!

  6. pnickoles Says:

    Thanks Suzanne – I’m so glad you enjoy the photos. 🙂

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