Disappointment Valley…A Modern Day Western

December 2, 2009

From Filmmaker James Kleinert:

America’s wild horses are in jeopardy! Disappointment Valley exposes mismanagement and corruption within the Bureau of Land Management.

Here’s how you can help:

1) Call President Obama (202-456-1111) and Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar (202-208-3100). Demand a Congressional investigation into the Bureau of Land Management. Ask for independent studies on statistics of the wild horses and do NOT rely on the BLM statistics. They are flawed and misrepresent the truth.

To contact your congressman, visit: www.house.gov

2) The R.O.A.M. Act is currently sitting in the Senate Committee of Energy & Natural Resources as S. 1579.

Please contact the Senators on the Energy & Natural Resources Committee and ask that they support the R.O.A.M Act (S. 1579).


3) Share this video and information with friends and family. Most people don’t know wild horses still roam the west, let alone that they are being rounded up and slaughtered. The public has fought to support these horses in the past. We can do it again! The more people who become aware of the issue, the better chance they have for survival.


4 Responses to “Disappointment Valley…A Modern Day Western”

  1. I will certainly spread the word. We must make this reprieve we have count!

  2. pnickoles Says:

    Thanks Suzanne – you are so right!

  3. Cindy Says:

    When I see the video of the horses being chased recklessly down the mountainside by helicopters…frantic and afraid for their lives…it makes me cry.

    The constant abuse that has been dealt to these animals without regard …is a travesty.

    Something must be done about the neglect and mistreatment of these stunning animals.

    Thank you for posting this…I will certainly share it.


  4. pnickoles Says:

    Cindy – there are so many images that bring tears and rage. I hope, as do you, that something is done soon to restore the freedoms and protections of our wild horses.

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