Cloud’s “Returning Home” Print Available

October 8, 2009

Returning Home - Cloud

Returning Home - Cloud

UPDATE: There is now a page on my website for ordering:

This photo was taken as Cloud returned to the top of his Pryor Mountain home after the BLM roundup in September, 2009. At Makendra Silverman’s (TCF) suggestion, it is captioned, “Returning Home.” Couldn’t be more appropriate. This print will be available as an ongoing fundraiser with 50% of sales going to The Cloud Foundation’s Freedom Fund. Until I am able to create a unique page on my website, print orders can be e-mailed to me at Please include your mailing address when ordering so that I can calculate shipping costs.

Print sizes available (with pricing) are as follows:

5×7 – $18.00
8×12 – $45.00
16×24 – $95.00

All sold unmatted – print only. Tax and shipping costs additional.

Thanks so much for your support of efforts to preserve our wild horses and burros!

7 Responses to “Cloud’s “Returning Home” Print Available”

  1. […] Pam Nickoles is among many other talented photographers supporting the Cloud Foundation. Her photo “Returning Home” is now available and 50% of profits go to the Cloud Foundation Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Q and A with Ginger KathrensPress ReleaseGinger on […]

  2. Aslan's girl Says:

    so beautiful…I wish someone knew if he has recovered from his capture-related injury. I am worried for him.

  3. Rhoda Cullum Says:

    This is a great photo of Cloud. This is a picture of Cloud with a broken heart. The twinkle in his eye is not there anymore, but I pray it returns.Cloud deserves to be happy again for what our crooked government has done is not fair to him at all.

  4. RJ Daum RPLS Says:

    Over fifty years ago a young boy would be with his “Cloud -looking” stallion captured from the Pryors.
    Cloud and I are joined as Momaday tells so well.

  5. Laura Evans Says:

    Rhoda, I agree, there is sadness in his eyes. It is a gorgeous picture though. I wish we could buy it on tshirts so people would ask about it and we could spread the word. The only way we can make a difference is by spreading the truth. My daughter and I have silly ways to make people ask us about Cloud and we tell everyone who will listen and most people have no idea.

  6. pnickoles Says:

    I suppose this is a bittersweet portrait of Cloud. I remember feeling so relieved to see him come through those trees with what was left of his family. Truly a moment of celebration and sadness and as I typically try to do, I focused on the more positive aspect – but I can certainly understand other people’s interpretation as well.

  7. Laura Evans Says:

    Oh, don’t get me wrong, Pam, you completely captured that. In the first one of him coming up over the hill there’s such a look of a relief at being home and at the welcome of familiarity. He’s such an incredible horse with a spirit and a soul and a heart that I read in books when I was a little girl growing up loving horses. Thanks to people like you and Ginger and Carol Walker and RT Fitch the rest of us get to be a part of it. And all of you do an amazing job of making not only him but Bolder and Flint and Morning Star and so many others so real to us so that we do look into his eyes and see his loss, but we also see his spirit that says “yes, I’m sad, but I’m still here” And that’s what keeps us going.

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