Action Alert!

March 20, 2009

I received this e-mail alert today…

33,000 Wild Horses at Risk: Contact Interior Secretary Ken Salazar Now! The National Wild Horse Foundation needs your help to save our wild horses and burros as part of our American heritage.

It only takes a few minutes to complete the form at the link listed above. Please do what you can to help save these magnificent animals.

McCullough Peaks, WY band of wild horses

McCullough Peaks, WY band of wild horses

2 Responses to “Action Alert!”

  1. Arleen Rooney Says:

    I urge Ken Salazar to view the documentary “The Last of the Spanish Mustangs” which was completed in 2005. We must end the greed and Belgium owned horse processing (slaughter) facilities in the USA. The method of killing horses is beyond description to satisfy the pallets of European and Asian food gourmets. Two of the three USA horse processing (slaughterhouses) are owned by Belgium individuals. This country got into it’s present condition because of corporate greed and lack of empathy and continuation of this foreign market horse meat consumption has to stop.

  2. Laurie H Says:

    If there is ANY JUSTICE-our wild horses will NOT be slaughtered and will all be fine and celebrated for the magnificent animals they truly are!!~ COMPASSION needs to take hold!!!!!

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