First Post

January 31, 2009

I’ve been told that I should write a book about the many adventures my husband and I have shared during our years of following and photographing the wild horses. Some of the stories would be funny, some pretty uneventful while a few might be in the realm of having been a bit dangerous – one of those, “lucky to be back in one piece” episodes. Well, I’m not organized enough to keep notes for a book, so, instead of a book, why not a blog? Many of the people I’ve met during my wild horse photography trips have blogs of their own, and I follow them regularly (when there’s been an update – yes, that was for you Matt). I find that I really enjoy other’s perspectives, thoughts and observations. Maybe a few of you will find that you enjoy mine…

A short clip featuring the wild horses of Sand Wash Basin, CO

6 Responses to “First Post”

  1. Billie Says:

    Hey Pam,

    Welcome to “blogging”. It will be great to read about your adventures.


  2. Tom Bonner Says:


    Goood for you. Your blog will engender a lot of interest and bring satisfaction to a lot of people. Having just mastered e-mail, I won’t be jumping into facebook or blogging soon.

  3. pnickoles Says:

    Billie – thanks for your comment. I hope to catch up with you soon so we can photograph the Book Cliff horses.

    Thanks Tom – I appreciate that you think people might actually be interested in my “stories.” 🙂

  4. Allene Cash Says:

    What a super great idea, Pammie! There’s nothing I enjoy more than going on jaunts with you and Tom; especially to visit the wild horses. And El
    Mariachi perfectly displays the intelligence,
    courage, and majesty of these magnificent animals.
    Keep on clicking that camera!
    Your proud Mom

  5. I just found your new blog…and am bookmarking it so I can follow your adventures. We just started blogging too which is its own adventure!!!

    Best wishes

  6. Amanda Conner Says:

    Sorry for not replying earlier! I would love to tell you about my horses! Over the summer, I named the stallion in charge of each band, as well as the mares in the bands I designated as behavior bands. These bands I watched more closely to get a pretreatment baseline for their behavior. I will go in the order of your photographs on the website.

    The first band is Nomad’s band. Nomad was so named due to the fact that he was all over the range. I never knew where I would find him! Isn’t his filly foal gorgeous? Nomad himself evaded capture and his paint and palomino mares were released

    Next is Ghost’s band (Grey/White stallion). I named the foal Spook. Unfortunatly, he and most of his mares were removed. Only the dark mare with the bald face was released. These mares were young, and determined to be more easily adoptable.

    Next is Solaris (Sorrel stallion with star and strip). You got some gorgeous shots of him. He and two of his mares (roany bay and red dun) came in and were removed. The others did not come in.

    Cosmo’s band is the first on your second page of pictures. He is a good stallion and very tolerant. He and the grey/white mare with the small ear were released. She is obviously his lead mare. I saw him over Thanksgiving break and he had nine mares again! Go Cosmo!

    Next is a behavior band. This is Cyclone’s band (grey/white). Cyclone jumped the fence on one of the holding pens and released himself! Mares are: bald face bay-Whisper, grey/white-Celeste, bay with star-Charm, and liver chestnut with star-Besa. The sorrel filly (Rosy) and foals (Jubilee and Firefly) were removed for adoption. The paint colt (Buckshot)was released. He is now with a bachelor band. All of his older mares were released.

    Next is Domino (black and white paint). He was very bossy in the holding pen! Witht the exception of his foals, the whole band was released. They are still together and he now has stolen Mystic from Merlin’s band.

    The next guy is a bachelor (sorrel with funny blaze) he was released and is now with Nomad.

    Merlin (grey/white) is next. This was also a behavior band and all but the foals were released. Mares are: bay-Gypsy, grey/white-Mystic, and sorrel-Kadabra. Sorrel stud is Kazaam, and he is still with Merlin and Kadabra. Mystic is with Domino, and Gypsy is with another band. Foals are: mostly solid filly-Fortune, flashy paint colt-Magic. These were probably my favorite foals.

    Your last shot is from a distance, but I can see my boy! The paint in the back is Picasso. He had to be roped to gather, and was aged at 20+, so was a prime candidate for removal. He was allowed to stay for me though! He is now with a large bachelor band.

    I have a flickr account ( with more pictures of my ponies! They are not the caliber of yours of course (more for ID than art). Thank you for your intrest.

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